Windells Is Getting a Rope Tow


Lazy snowboarders rejoice! Everyone knows the worst part about summer camp is you pay all that money and only get to ride the lift once. Then you have to hike. Over and Over. It’s bullshit really. Well, Tim Windell finally stepped up and is installing a rope tow on the camp’s facilities. We’re going to venture to say this almost makes up for that extra 20-minute bus ride from camp to the hill. Here’s the official word:

Windells Is Getting a Private Rope Tow for the Summer of 2009 and Beyond. Over a Half Mile Long, Campers will be Moved up the Hill. What Does this mean? Less Waiting, More Riding. Less Fatigue, More Riding. Just another reason that Windells is The “Funnest” Place on the Earth

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2 replies
  1. jakey
    jakey says:

    I heard HSCS is getting one too.
    Which means you can ride a rope tow at a camp not run by a fat alcoholic and a bunch of stoners.

  2. jerm
    jerm says:

    yeah because riding with a bunch of people more concerned with how high their tailpress was and what pant/shirt/bandana combo to wear to the hill each day is way better

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