Best Week Ever: February 20, 2009

“Does he like TV?”

-We are stopped at a light on Sunset in front of that giant oil change place called EZ Lube. Olivia points at the building and announces, “That was my nickname in high school.”  I begin to try to empathize with her, when she interrupts me to tell me she was kidding.

-We meet the dude that lives in the house next to us. He is actually kind of hot. He says his name, which we both interpret to be Gordon. He corrects us, explaining that his name is Cordon. I remark, “Oh, your parents were creative.” He immediately shakes his head and says, “They were Irish.”  I smile, “Even Better!”

-I am having trouble trying to find a way to extract a large sum of money from my bank account to give to Olivia to pay for our housing deposit. My bank account is out of New York with no branches here. I am also out of checks. And they refuse to give me my full bank account number over the phone due to some bank policy. Olivia then adds, “Can’t they email or text it to you? Or like post it on Twitter?”

-I found this really ridiculous book at Savers a few weeks ago called Y2K for Women. It details steps and precautions women should take to prepare for the oncoming apocalypse that was set to occur at the turn of the century and unfortunately never actually did. I am showing Olivia my favorite parts. She goes, “Let’s create our own Apocalypse scare.” I get excited, “Let’s have it be on my 30th birthday!”

-I receive a text message from a boy I know at 9:02 am. It reads, “What are you doing tonight?” At 9:02 am.

-Olivia and I are attempting to drive to the PCH but not positive we are going in the right direction. I mention that it would be sad if we were going back to New York instead of towards the water. We begin to edge over a hill. Then voila water. Olivia shakes her head, “I would have been so sad if it was New York.”

-While job searching aka. looking for “Gigs” on Craigslist I discovered an ad for a receptionist. The skills of the ideal applicant were amazingly described as so,”Ability to read and write at a level normally acquired through the completion of college in order to process informational messages.”

-We move into our new house. It could use some work, but I am lazy and don’t really care that much. Olivia on the other hand is more ambitious. I decline her invite to Home Depot in order to sit on the couch and watch Wife Swap. Upon returning, she opens the door, begins to put her bags down, and remarks I brought home a Mexican man! I reply, “Does he like TV?”