Todd Richards’s Emergency Landing

We just got word that Todd Richards is one lucky mofo. Not only was he on his way to a vacation in Fiji this morning, but when the plane had a “fuel transfer problem” and was forced to return to LAX, they landed safely, and Todd and all other passengers were safe thanks for a skillful emergency landing.

Here’s an article with some more details, but we iChatted Todd while he was waiting for his bags and here’s what he had to say:

“Luckiest day of my life so far. Two and a half hours out, the pilot comes on and says we have a fuel problem, we need to turn around. We head back, then circle the Catalina Island for 2.5 hours then come in to land with a full fire brigade right there. Smash ass down, then the fire trucks were on us at high speed as the plane rolled down the runway spraying with foam and water.”

All 441 passengers aboard were safely deplaned. Check out some better journalism and more details at

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