Dirty Boys by Peter Line


Story by Peter Line. Illustrations by Nick Lipton.

Two men drive a rented SUV into a snowy parking lot of an elementary school. They stop and look around. They drive a little more into the parking lot and stop to look at something. Recess is in session and kids are building snowmen and making forts and playing in the snow. The two men point toward the slides and discuss something. They do a loop in the parking lot and pull over next to some stairs where a little boy walks down and turns a corner. One of the men gets out, the passenger, he walks over to the stairs and looks down them and touches the handrail. He looks back at the driver in the SUV and shakes his head and walks back and gets in. The two men drive away.

Driver: How’d it look?

Passenger: It was a down flat down, but had a closeout into a door. What did you think about setting up that kicker over the slide?

Driver: Could be sick but I don’t think we could get speed, and there’s no way to get a tow in.

Passenger: I hate scoping schools for things to ride, makes me feel like such a perv.

Driver: I know what you mean. Let’s go check the senior center down the street, maybe there’s something there.


                                                                                                                 art by Nick Lipton

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