Hump Day with Eric Fernandez



Eric is all smiles after a hard days work. photo: Ryan Taylor

Eric Fernandez is a good time. At a rail, on the mountain, or in Vegas Eric keeps a smile on his face and his friends in high spirits. Eric had his first brush with stardom in last years Autumn Line release and has big plans for this winter as well. Watch out for this Detroit native, he’s good and has enough time on his hands to really get things done.

Yobeat: How old are you, where you from?

Eric: Ok. Age twenty-one and some change, and I grew up in Detroit, Michigan.

Yobeat: Did Detroit make you “hood”?

Eric: I’m not that hood. I am mellow. I might have some hood moments though.

Yobeat: Craziest Detroit moment?

Eric: When I was super young I saw a homeless dude laying against a building in the middle of winter, super late at night, I think he was frozen to death.

Yobeat: A Bumcicle is unique, anything else?

Eric: One time this kid in my high school had three stray bullets go through his windshield just as he was getting out of his car to walk into school that morning. That was pretty wild too.

Yobeat: What happened to Detroit rock city? Are you the last of a dying breed?

Eric: I don’t know, maybe. It seems pretty much the opposite of Rock City lately. I’m not too acquainted with what kind of shit goes down there these days considering I haven’t lived there in almost four years.


Back Lip on a big piece of metal. photo: Ryan Taylor

Yobeat: Where is home now?

Eric: I live in Salt Lake holmes. I think you were even at my house last time you were in town, sitting on my kitchen counter proclaiming how much you despised a few people.

Yobeat: When did you move out on your own?

Eric: I moved when I was 18, from my parents house in Detroit, to Salt Lake. My mom cried, she was super bummed. I think my parents were hyped for me though.

Yobeat: Why Utah?

Eric: I knew I wanted to live in either California or Utah. I figured I should go to a place where I can live in a city, and not have snowboarding shoved in my face 24/7, but still be super close to the best shit. There’s a good mix of people here.

Yobeat: What was it like when you first got there?

Eric: Man, I didn’t even know what to think. I went to college my first year, the first dude I met was my present roommate Hondo. I guess you could say I was digging it from the start. the weather’s pretty nice here.

Yobeat: Which school?

Eric: The University of Utah.

Yobeat: Why’d you drop out?

Eric: My head just wasn’t really there. During my classes I would just daydream about traveling the world, snowboarding, and skateboarding. I convinced myself it wasn’t a good decision to keep going with something I wasn’t super motivated to do, so I stopped going to school and started doing the snowboard thing a little more prominently. I’m not necessarily against college though, I think it’s a super enriching experience, but it’s just not for me, right now.

Yobeat: What is for you right now?

Eric: I’m not too sure. I’m trying to figure it out, but for right now snowboarding is doing a good job occupying my brain. I’m living a pretty loose lifestyle and I’m happy with it for the time being.

Yobeat: You live in Pat Moore’s house, why does he let you do that?

Eric: I heard he (Pat Moore) rang the Wall Street bell to end the day at the stock market yesterday, that’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do. But yeah I live with Pat, he juiced it up with a nice ass house. We met a bunch of years ago through our other roommate Hondo. I’m hyped to have him as my landlord. He’s a righteous man.

Yobeat: Living large, do you have a girlfriend?

Eric: No I do not, I’m a single guy.

Yobeat: You have a resemblance to Johnny Depp. Does that ever work for you?

Eric: I don’t really know man. It may have in the past. Once, maybe twice. That comparison doesn’t bother me as much as Orlando Bloom, I’ve heard that shit before and gotten pissed. Orlando Bloom is a pussy.

Yobeat: Should we let the ladies know where to call?

Eric: Yeah do it. 248 2## #### (Ladies, email [email protected] for the rest of the numbers)


Eric has a mean tailpress… photo: Ryan Taylor

Yobeat: Last year you filmed with Autumn Line? What is this years plan?

Eric: This year it’s gonna be the Team Thunder flick. Shit’s been fun.

Yobeat: Last year you shared a part with Lance Machado, he’s homeless now, does that mean you get your own part?

Eric: (Laughing)I don’t know where lance is, but yeah, I am hoping for an actual video part this year, who knows though.

Yobeat: Are you going to do anything besides presses?

Eric: (Laughing) All tailpresses, I cut myself off on that trick. I don’t know, Ben G. has some crazy ideas for features we are going to build. Powder might happen but I don’t know, I’m just going with the flow, rolling with the punches.

Yobeat: Get into the powder dammit.

Eric: Easy man easy.

Yobeat: Did little Eric ever go to summer camp?

Eric: Yes little Eric attended HCSC.

Yobeat: Favorite coach?

Eric: I had a few cool ones. Matt Schrier was good, and it’s cool because now I see him around Salt Lake a lot. I think he’s a middle school teacher now.

Yobeat: What was the most embarrassing moment for you as a child?

Eric: Wow, good one. One time this girl who I had a crush on in elementary told me she didn’t want to hang out with me because I smelled bad, in-front of a bunch of people. That was kind of bone-crushing. I can’t really remember my childhood too well though. I was smelly back in the day though, always skateboarding, never showering or changing my clothes.

Yobeat: Have you ever shit your pants snowboarding?

Eric: Yeah I have, how did you know that? I’ve done that a few times. It sucks.

Yobeat: Which time was the worst?

Eric: I remember I ate this crazy chicken sandwich from my old work, and my intestines hated it. The next day I tried to snowboard and it wasn’t very pretty. This is a funny subject.

Yobeat: Never trust a fart.

Eric: Man it just slipped out when I was ripping a carve, then a few turns down the run I slipped off this rail and came down kind of awkward and it all went to shit, so to speak. I had to high-tail in my Saab back to the house and take some Imodium. Shit was rough.

Yobeat: How much poop came out?

Eric: I don’t really remember, how much do you think came out?

Yobeat: Was it solid or wet?

Eric: Refried beans.

Yobeat: So it was like a quick squirt and like a little plop in your pants?

Eric: I guess you could compare it to a Hershey’s bar left in a hot vehicle for an afternoon.


Launch to Air scraper, Eric knows how to get spicy.

Yobeat: What’s something no one knows about you?

Eric: I have no hair on my left thigh for some reason, and I’m really into sad movies.

Yobeat: Why sad movies? Are you emo? French?

Eric: It might be the French culture, but sad movies are cool. I don’t know why I like them but I do. My dad was born in Spain, but he grew up in France. I was raised with a lot of french culture. I’m not really emo though.

Yobeat: Why did you split from Vegas (SIA 2009) in such a hurry?

Eric: Oh man, now we’re getting into it. I woke up in Laura Hader’s room feeling so rocky. Evidently I even puked in the back of the cab. She felt my pain and helped me get home via an airplane that afternoon. I didn’t look back. She saved my life, straight up. Another night in vegas and who knows.


Fear and Loathing? Viva Las Vegas? I have the spins?

Yobeat: Have you ever been hurt?

Eric: Hurt, like emotionally? Or like fell down and said, “Damn that hurt”.

Yobeat: Bam smash face-plant.

Eric: Yeah. I have had a few in my time. Broken collarbone, broken toe, broken wrist, squirrelly knees. I actually cheated death a few days ago. I fell off this ledge feature in
Wyoming. I hooked my nose at the end and fell about twenty feet to my face. I don’t really remember, but all that happened was some sore muscles. It was a frightening experience.

Yobeat: Were you knocked unconscious?

Eric: Not even, I landed in some snow that was soft enough to break my fall, but I was about five inches from curbing myself on this rectangle cement obstruction. Watch the Team Thunder flick for the shot, it’s actually a really hilarious fall.

Yobeat: Drink of choice?

Eric: Whiskey on the rocks, or your cheapest beer.

Yobeat: Brand of smokes?

Eric: The Marlboros that come in the gold pack, but I don’t really smoke that much, I just bum off you.

Yobeat: Favorite hockey player?

Eric: Oh man, why such an easy question? Darren McCarty. Most Badass.

Yobeat: How big of a hockey fan are you?

Eric: I used to be a big one. I stopped playing hockey in 9th grade though.

Yobeat: Skate trick you wish you could do?

Eric: Varial heels or switch tres scoop.


Thread the needle…

Yobeat: Favorite skate brand?

Eric: I tend to like AntiHero skateboards.

Yobeat: Best part about being Eric Fernandez?

Eric: The people that I’m surrounded by, doing what I want to do with my life, and just being as happy as I possibly can be all the time.

Yobeat: Sponsors?

Eric: Capita, Union, Ashbury, Comune, Celtek, 686. And a big thank you to…

Frank and Betsy, Christine, Grandma, Blue Montgomery and George K. at C3, Lance Hakker and the Ashbury trio, Corey Smith, Chris Thomas, Mule, Dave Graves, Momma Hades for saving my life in Vegas, Pat for being a badass landlord, all my beautiful friends, all the Team Thunder homies and all my family, thank you so much. I love you all.

Also Yobeat would like to personally thank Dave Brewer and and Ryan Taylor for their awesome photography.