Not So Glamorous: The Tribulations of Getting the Shot


Desiree Melancon getting ready for a long night…

Big money, screaming fans, Red Bull helicopters, living the shred-dream can be wild. For the other 99% trying to make a living by snowboarding, life isn’t that peachy. The annual struggle to film a watchable video part is full of long days, cold nights, and miserable mornings. In short, the life of a snowboarder isn’t always glamorous. More often than not it’s uncomfortable, cold, and painful.


“Screw it, I’m doing it.”-Nick Dirks


Desiree Melancon working hard.

The Videograss crew knows all too well how miserable filming can be. Generators, lights, batteries, money, security, drivers, too many cars, too many people, not enough snow, did anyone bring shovels? The list of problems can be endless, but getting the shot and landing that trick make everything worth it.


An uphill kink never killed anyone.


Cover the rocks, shovel, shovel, shovel. How boring.

What could be more fun than standing in the freezing cold at 2 a.m.? A lot of stuff. Keeping that in mind, what could be more fun than snowboarding at 2 a.m.? Not a whole lot. While snowboarding may not always be the most glamorous activity, it is the most fun. Likewise, without crews like Videograss, and so many others, running around this winter day and night we wouldn’t have anything to watch in the fall now would we?


Ooo it looks so cool on the super-duper cam.

At the end of the night it’s all worth it. In this case, it was worth it and worthwhile. Shots were logged. Laughs were shared. Death was defied, and craziness ensued. Check the movie next fall to see what happened.

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  1. Zim
    Zim says:

    I thought the movie was about what snowboarders wanted to do, not what team managers and filmers want them to do?

    Looks like it’s same shit different season!

    (I joke, I joke: kind of)

    And, I don’t miss shooting urban shit at all…

  2. jason
    jason says:

    All those ‘miserable’ things about night missions are what are the most fun!

    Standing around freezing your fingers off isn’t much fun though I guess…

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