Red Bull Storms The Big Apple


Downtown New York City, the new shred mecca. 

How does Red Bull make money? They spend millions on athletes, commercials, event construction, and they hand Red Bull out on a constant basis. Bars must buy an awful lot of that liquid meth to keep Red Bull a float. Regardless of Red Bulls business strategy one thing is apparent, the Bull doesn’t believe in recessions. 

On Febuary 5th Red Bull hosted what can only be described as the biggest urban snowboard contest of all time. Combine New York City, 16 of the best riders money can buy, and of course a massive hip and what do you get? Apparently not much, but throw in free Red Bull and a concert by Anthrax and you’ve got a party in NYC. Yobeat sent a spy, Kirsten Karkanen, into the pit to figure out what the crowd thought of this event. 


Jumbo-Tron is always a crowd pleaser

Apparently the majority of the massive crowd appeared to see Anthrax and to drink free juice. A stunt show was just an added bonus, and many were unsure who any of the riders were (except Big Red a.k.a Shaun White). Our reporter described a weird scene with three crowd types; the I just want to see Anthrax crowd, the holy shit free Red Bull crowd, and the “wow look at that jump” crowd. According to extremely in-depth interviews with crowd members, a large number of people only attended the event to see Anthrax perform. (Sidenote: Who gets excited for Anthrax?) “At 8:45 Anthrax went on, the crowd definitely got bigger when they went on, and smaller when they finished.”

The second reason people attended the event was for the free energy. New York doesn’t sleep, and expensive rent combined with a recession means free anything is worth killing for, especially if it’ll keep you up. Our spy reveled to us that the crowd reaction to free Red Bull, or even the mention of free Red Bull, was comparable to, if not louder than, the reaction to the snowboarding. “People were yelling louder for free Red Bull than they were for the riders, it was ridiculous.” 


Nothing goes down smoother in the blistering cold than a Red Bull

At the end of the night it was a snowboard contest. The crowd was excited, and the snowboarders showed everyone a good time. Karkanen sumed everything up with, “People liked it. It as a cool thing to have in the middle of a big city. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the show.”


Happy crowd members

In contest result news underdog Shayne Pospisil took first, followed by the super spinning Torstein Horgmo, and Scotty Lago sat in a comfortable third place. For more on the contest, and the results, check out the Red Bull SnowScrapers site.

Now view the whole gallery from Alex Nawrocky. (click a thumbnail to enlarge)

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  1. Zak Shelhamer
    Zak Shelhamer says:

    Ohh I watched it live on looked like a good turn out.. Despite the fact that they called the event a first of its kind with a hip landing, apparently they didn’t watch the icer air this year which was also a hip attempt jump and was also a disaster, The riders obviously were not pushed to a next level of riding or giving wings by red bull but brought down a level with only one 9 being thrown all night (Thanks to Lago) and the announcers (no offense Preston)kept mistaking 7’s for 9’s.. i guess you gotta pump the crowd up some times. Way to go red bull, you could of saved a whole town of starving kids in africa. But props to the riders and Pospisil for executing stunts for us mortals to watch.

  2. baby-sun
    baby-sun says:

    The above comment is an insightful analysis of this event. Red Bull mightve spent their money in better ways (from a marketing perspective) but to bring something of this size and scale to NYC (where i currently reside) is kinda pretty bad ass.

  3. Jonelle Remmers
    Jonelle Remmers says:

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