Holy Oly- The Contest God Couldn’t Stop!


Historic rainfall in January caused a big ‘ol landslide that took out a couple lift towers, a few homes, buried three rabbits and left a big mess at the Summit East / Hyak base area were the Holy Oly Revival is held, leaving many concerned shreds wondering about the fate of the nation’s premier anti-contest. “Will it be canceled?,” “Can they get a government bail-out?,” “Did anybody just see me picking my nose?”, “Do these pants make my butt look big?”

So many questions…someone needs to set the record straight…and that someone is me…my name is Krush.

Since there are no real rules at the Holy Oly, we just need a couple key things to make it work.

1. A giant quarterpipe
2. A 20’ tall inflatable Summit watertower to fill in for the original
3. A pallet of Olympia beer
4. Cobra Dogs

Check, check, check and check.

We are moving the event to Summit West Base area…the date is February 21st…the shredders will be shredding…the music will be by Scott Sullivan, The Senate Arcade and Kandi Coded…photogs will be shooting…Burtner will be blabbing…the beer will be cold and everyone will be going bananas as we continue with our Celebration of NW Snowboard Pride.

I’ll see you there.

The Holy Oly Revival is made possible this year by The Summit’s Park Crew, Lib Tech, Cobra Dogs, Red Bull, Think Thank, Peter Line, Jamie Lynn, Todd Schlosser, Scott Sullivan, Quincy Quigg and riders who know.

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  1. Shay
    Shay says:

    Great article. I for one am stoked it’s there and when I’m in Washington and I get to have good ole Olympia shitty beer and listen to Scott Sullivan (I have his CD always playing). It’s like heaven and if it’s raining I could care less, fuck I need to gore tex my gear up before coming out for it.

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