Name the ThirtyTwo/Stepchild Video

When we said “everyone is making everything” we really meant everything. That includes, of course, a team video. If you didn’t make one last year, you are making one this year, etc. It was announced awhile back that ThirtyTwo was teaming up with Stepchild to make a team video that would be released exclusively online. YoBeat just learned however, that the brands are going 3.0 on this shit.

What does 3.0 mean? Well, you may remember 2.0, which was when websites starting having comment boxes and user profiles, but 3.0 is when you, the user, pull the strings. Whether it’s a super cool way for people to get involved, or just a way to cut marketing costs, ThirtyTwo and Stepchild are embracing it and soon you will be able to start suggesting names for their upcoming video.

Then this summer, as the parts are completed they will be broadcast online, one and a time, and “the kids” will get to pick the order. So now if you don’t think the ender part was deserving, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

This info is so breaking and inside that the website where this will all go down, seems to have been commandeered by LOL cats at the moment. But check out ThirtyTwo and Stepchild’s sites, since they’ll probably be the first to announce when it actually goes live.

If you can’t wait to embrace 3.0 Twitter just told us that Vans is doing something similar with it’s latest iPhone app.

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