Everyone is Making Everything

In this tough economy, apparently you gotta diversify. It’s funny because they used to call it “spreading yourself thin,” but times change. Anyway, just this morning here’s the “exciting news” we’ve received and some other stuff we knew but never bothered to post until now.

Mtn Ops is making snowboards. An obvious next move from their hats and website really. (YoBeat snowboards are launching in 2024!) For more info http://mtnops.com/

Bonfire is making boots. At least their parent company is Salomon. We’ll give this one a tentative thumbs up (and we heard one of their designs may have already been ripped off by an unnamed snowboard giant.) Check the video. http://vimeo.com/2911860

Finally, Mission Six and Monix are making a full line of hardgoods. Apparently they are indeed still in business and are “leading developers of snowboard outerwear.” News to us! www.missionsix.com

We already made reference to this once, but Grenade has perhaps the most off-the-wall diversification plans for the upcoming trade show. MMA Shorts, Sports Bras and those awesome shoes

What is the world coming to.

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  1. Dwight
    Dwight says:

    MTNOPS original press release from March of last year…

    Created by the founder of SNOWBOARD MAGAZINE, Mark Sullivan and backcountry guru JP Stoermer, MTNOPS is a brand dedicated to introducing new and different ideas to snowboarding through products that are useful, durable and unique, and marketing that embraces the culture of the sport. For the 2008-2009 season MTNOPS is offering a small range of American made clothing and accessories to a limited number of specialty snowboard retailers.

    I think they have always been a brand and SIA will be its launch.
    Although the website does kick ass.

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