Firing Squad Submission Guidelines

Welcome to the Firing Squad! Looking to have your work highlighted on Yobeat? Wanna know what the people have to say about your photo? Then submit your photo. If it’s featured, we’ll send ya a goodie pack courtesy of Burton Snowboards. Each week there will also be a prize for our favorite comment.

To Submit Your Photo:

-    Send photos as jpegs, sized to 800 pixels across and 72 dpi to [email protected]
-    Be sure your color profile is set to sRGB (not CMYK! This is the Internet!)
-    Include your name and address in your email.

If your photo is selected for the battle you will be notified via email.

See all past battles at

Check out the champions gallery at


    awesome that theres a prizing system for this, the photo pack is sweet! too bad its dakine…

  • Zimmerman

    Yeah, too bad it’s a company that supports snowboarding, snowboarders and snowboard photography. Enjoy your Lowepro pack. It’ll go well with your Bugz goggles & 300mm lens on the deck of the halfpipe.

  • matthew

    arnold, you just got ripped.


    bummer arnold, the boss man just shut you down. better submit a winner

  • hahaha!!!

  • Arnold- you need a band-aid now on your butth*le…..Bravo Zimmerman.


    i was meaning the gloves, not the photo kit.
    but nice work on the e-sults, im going to lose weight because of you.
    oh, and nice monitor tan, bro!

  • Bahahahaha, Well Put Tim


    yeah suck it arnold what are you offering snow boarding the industry and it’s fans? *notice arnold is not capitolized for a sign of disrespect and a [email protected]$k you from me.

  • Hahahaha burn!

  • Jason Tackitt

    Whoa there! Harsh. Damn Arnie! You sure know how get cats heated.

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