The Constant Struggle


“This is not working”. -Nick Dirks

If you haven’t been busted snowboarding you are doing it wrong. On-hill ski patrol acts as “the man”. Duck a rope, whip an invert, ride to fast, whatever, ski patrol is there to scold you and take your pass. At the end of the day that isn’t so bad, at least compared to what those who entertain us go through on a regular basis. The video crews, filmers and riders alike, deal with more than just ski patrol, they deal with confused security guards and no bullshit cops. Even when they are just joking around.


Serious work being done.

On a film mission, considered by all involved to be a joke, things became momentarily serious. The crew of Nick Dirks, Johnny Miller, and Videograss filmer Justin Meyer thought it would be funny to create a half pipe in a whole in the wall. The joke lasted five minutes. The feature didn’t work. Before anyone could pack up and leave a confused looking rent-a-cop decided to stop the crew for a little talk. In the blink of an eye two squad cars and an official looking guy from the building were onto us.


Snowboarding is a crime.

The comedy began when Nick Dirks and the official looking man got into a verbal scuffle over Nick’s lack on an ID.

Official Guy, “Ya got an ID?”

Dirks, “Nope.”

Offical Guy, “You go to school?”

Dirks, “Nope.”

Official Guy, “You got a job?”

Dirks, “Nope.”

Official Guy, “Well you don’t care about anything do you?”

Dirks, “What?”


“Did you hear what that guy said to me?” -Nick Dirks.

At this point the jokes began, but only for those already involved. Utah’s finest then asked everyone who had ditched into cars, or never even gotten out of them, to step out of their vehicles and join the party. Once in a group the laughter and snickering began, but as everyone had their ID’s ran through the system things got weirder. Official guy decided to snap a photo of every “trespasser”. While some made faces, Harrison Gordon did not. Freshly pulled out of a car, in a parking lot he never wanted to be in, Harrison gave the cameraman a hard time. Which resulted in laughter from the rest of the group and one pissed off building manager.


One angry rent-a-cop and Justin Meyer.

The fuzz realized they had nothing. But in Utah, the most cop ridden land in America, the police jump on any opportunity to check an ID or stretch their legs. One by one squad cars left and our “punishment” was served. No one involved in the hainess act of destruction will be allowed back at the Salt Lake Hospital. What a waste of time.


Videograss filmer Sean McCormick had nothing to do with the shoot, but he still got dragged into the trouble. Here he is giving the thumbs up.

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    asses i live next to a copshop I got a ticket for having my car running in my driveway….. its -15 out today…..asses

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    nick lipton is almost as bad of a writer as he is a completely lame and self centered person.

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