Hump Day with Marie Hucal


Michigan raised Marie Hucal is a youngster on a mission. Motivated and down to earth, at 17 Marie has a lot of snowboarding under her belt and a lot more ahead of her. This little lady has not only managed to beat out all sorts of comp jocks in some heavy youth competition, but has also landed herself on the Rome Am-Army. All those days on the rope tow in Michigan seem to be paying off. Her next move? Go to prom, graduate high school, all that shit most washed up male riders did years ago. Watch out for this 17 year old slayer, she is sure to blow up.

Yobeat: Where do you call home?

Marie: Brighton, Michigan. It’s a smaller town, but it’s an easy drive to get to a bigger city and I have lived there my whole life so I’m still in touch with all my friends.

Yobeat: What is a ski resort like in Michigan?

Marie: (Laughing) Most people think they are formed from garbage dumps, and it’s probably true. Most are man made anyway, and 200 or so feet tall. We have tons of tow ropes and crappy boxes to play on. Come ride here though, it’s a total blast!

Yobeat: Millions of laps a day, is that the secret to Michigan snowboard success?

Marie: It definitely has something to do with that I should say. We all ride for hours nonstop on the same things until we get park foot.

Yobeat: Does Michigan have a “best” mountain?

Marie: Pine Knob has been really fun lately, but good ol’ Nubs Knob is everyones favorite. It’s fun to take day trips up north.

Yobeat: You grew up in Brighton, Michigan. Have you ever been to Brighton Ski Resort in Utah?

Marie: Oh gosh, I just rode Brighton Utah today for the first time. It was an amazing time! I feel at home in Brighton, Michigan though. I started riding there everyday from the beginning, and it’s really close to my house.

Yobeat: Do you have a type of terrain you prefer?

Marie: I started out as a crazy girl who wanted to do everything. So first I did a bunch of contests and had fun, then I decided I didn’t like how serious it gets. That was when I got really into trying to do handrails and things outside of the resorts. My goal this year is to film and get a decent video part with a midwest video we are making. I’m not really sure what’s next for me though. Who knows, maybe I’ll get back into big contests one day.

Yobeat: You’re only 17, how do you balance school and snowboarding?

Marie: It gets kind of stressful but I knew it would be from the start. I go to high school still and work, so if I want to travel I have to take a bunch of time off. I’m okay with it though, it’s so worth it, but I have to make up tons of work usually. Michigan is just so far away from everything. This season I’m filming with a crew called Syndicate from Ohio. They are cool kids and they are down with traveling to film. I want to have a video part that will show people that girls can ride with the guys.

Yobeat: Bold last sentence. What are these jobs?

Marie: Right now I’m working at Mt. Brighton (Michigan) waxing skis and snowboards just so I can ride for free. Then I work at a Mediterranean restaurant as a server, the food is excellent! I make sure to get jobs that have good benefits like free boarding and food. It’s smart and cheap.

Yobeat: What is the worst part about being from Michigan?

Marie: The constant rain in the winter, and Flint.

Yobeat: I’ve heard Flint described as, “America’s butt-hole.” Do you agree?

Marie: Flint has high crime rates. Overall It’s just shitty, so I tend to stay away.

Yobeat: How far are you trying to take your snowboarding?

Marie: I just want to have a good time with it. I try really hard to get everyone around me motivated. It’s good exercise to ride a snowboard too. I’d rather ride than be on a treadmill 20 minutes a day! I really don’t have a final goal yet, but I will someday soon. I take what gets offered and put in all my effort.

Yobeat: How did you go from being a no name little girl to riding for a few major companies?

Marie: (Laughing) Well it all happened super fast, even for me! I progressed in competitions and made it all the way to Billabongs junior pro thing after two years. Then I just started filming and getting to know tons of new people. The local rep Pete (Harvieux) hooked it up definitely, and before I knew it I was invited to Ms. Superpark. Things kept moving up and up I guess.

Yobeat: How did you do at this Billabong event?

Marie: Well, I was invited to be part of the USASA team for world champs. They took 6 kids from the US, we all met and flew to Switzerland. It was an amazing time, meeting kids from all over the world. We competed on the craziest slope course and I ended up placing first. It was pretty shocking actually. My mom came with me too, she was so thrilled!

Yobeat: Do the kids at school ask for your autograph, or stare at you funny?

Marie: No way, I don’t feel that important. People at school just know that I am a snowboarder and comment at times. But it’s cool to know that people care that I go to exotic places and stuff like that.

Yobeat: Exotic places like where?

Marie: Switzerland, Quebec, Whistler, California, and Utah.

Yobeat: What do your folks think of your lifestyle?

Marie: My mom is super supportive! She is the best, always down for me to go places and help me out if I need to borrow money or make fun plans. She comes with me sometimes to go skiing. My dad’s also cool with everything.

Yobeat: Do you relate to the stereotypical high school girl at all?

Marie: Yes, I have my girly times. Slumber parties with the gals form school are always really fun and crazy. But the guys just think of me as whatever, my one good friend told me I’m a little boy or something like that.

Yobeat: Do you have a favorite store at the mall?

Marie: No I hate malls. There’s too many people, but Forever 21 has super cheap jeans, I love em’.

Yobeat: What is your opinion of women’s snowboarding today?

Marie: It’s getting sicker and sicker all the time. I’ve been meeting more girls and the more I meet the more motivated we get to plan trips and start filming more. Riding with girls gives me a creative look on snowboarding.

Yobeat: You think girls will break through the stigma of being 10 years behind men soon?

Marie: Yes!

Yobeat: Are their any girls to watch out for?

Marie: Yes, and they are popping up everywhere. Watch out guys.

Yobeat: Sponsors?

Marie: Rome, Holden, and Ashbury. I think it’s appropriate to say Peter Harvieux because he got me started with the whole rep sponsorship deal!

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  1. Check Ya Facts
    Check Ya Facts says:

    snow you dont know good when you see. good luck with all that opinion that means nothing. happy for you that you have the interweb to make your life.

  2. Phil
    Phil says:

    youve got a nice style, keep killing it, you just earned my respect for all the girls out there shredding!

  3. Lucas Brian
    Lucas Brian says:

    I grew up riding TimberRidge & Bittersweet in Kalamazoo, MI.. Recently moved to Breck and was disappointed that most all terrain parks are lacking tow ropes.. Just thought I’d drop a little knowledge.. Keep doin’ your thing marie.. You super steezy. MICHIGAN REPRESENT!!

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