Firing Squad: Holiday Edition

These photos have nothing to do with the Holidays aside from being posted on the week of Christmas. Well, that, and we’re in the Holiday spirit so we decided since the battle between Ian’s photo and last week’s super champ was so close, we’d let it keep going. So take your pick:

Ian Matteson’s photo of Jordan Omohundo skating in the desert.


Jake Mein’s photo of Nick Poohachoff at Snow Park NZ doing a back 5 tail.

Take your pick, who shot the better pic:

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12 replies
  1. robbie
    robbie says:

    Photoshop is just a new wave darkroom, nothing wrong with using a computer to develop the photo. As long as you aren’t altering the content it’s ok. I bet people hated on Ansel Adams for his processing techniques also.

  2. bob
    bob says:

    underlying theme: skateboarding is “cooler” than snowboarding.
    the snowboarding picture is a mediocre subject and the light balance is way off.
    the skateboarding picture does have better composition… except for the tindy grab, wtf?

    wait a minute, the snowboarder is grabbing tindy too…

    verdict: they’re both gay!

  3. Ben
    Ben says:

    I don’t know bob looks like the snowboarder is grabbing tail to me?would love to see one of your photos, these guys kill it

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