The Winter Dew Tour is ON

And they really want me to know about it. I mean, they have sent at least 8000 press releases in the last two days alone. This is amazing because I did not sign up for press credentials, but I guess it’s working, because I am finally breaking down, and posting something about it. The latest announced it snowing too hard for people to snowboard. Wait, no, probably too hard for the TV cameras to work.

Due to heavy snowfall, Winter Dew Tour sport organizers and athletes gathered and agreed to postpone today’s practices and competitions.  The call was made to end activity for the day at 1:45 p.m. MT.  The events will be rescheduled and the new Friday schedule will be sent later this evening.

While we all hold our breath for the next 9 emails, I guess we could check out sweet screen grabs on the Alli Website.