CRIDDLER 2 Finally Drops

I met Tyler Kewley a few years ago. Long nights and bad behavior led to a weird but satisfying friendship. Kewley introduced me to a group known as The Criddler Crew. Keep in mind this was years ago, and the Criddlers had already been working for years on Criddler 2. Well, last night the boys finally got it together enough to slap a movie together and through a premiere at none other than Portland, Oregon’s Department of Skateboarding.

The crowd that gathered was a strange mix of die hard skate nerds, Portland shred industry folk, and tween pro hoes just looking to get down on an after party. Criddler 2 is not your average skate flick. Sure, there is skating, and some of it is even really good. That skate nonsense is not the key element to why Criddler 2 is a good watch, it’s the awkward moments caught on camera that kept me watching. Naked chicks, ball breakers, yelling, punching, drinking, smoking, tits, ass, homeless folks, craziness, smack down time, and all those bad words your mother warned you about. That’s the beauty of skateboarding, it hasn’t lost its edge yet.

Robert Bemis, Criddler superstar, brought his dog Thuggh. Thuggh had a banger part in the flick, even jumped down a curb. I don’t know what the deal is but those Bull Dog’s just love to skate. Poor kid in the picture above had his board chewed up and spit out by Thuggh.

Pharmacy skaters Joe Hargrave and Robert Bemis were the obvious picks for stand out stars. Another Portland rat, Baca, killed it as well. But the older boys held it down best. The movie was over though, so it became time to go to an after party. After all, Criddler 2 took four or more years to make for a reason, getting loose is the name of their game.

People moved from the Department of Skateboarding to one of the Criddler’s spots. Things got crowded, shady, and I heard a gem of a story.

Some Guy: “Joe, hey Joe Hargrave right!”

Joe: “Hi…”

Guy: “I was the guy, the guy that said ‘Yeah Joe’ during your video part!”

Confusion could be seen in Joe’s face which lead to a slightly awkward moment until Joe pulled it together.

Joe: “Oh thanks, I think I heard you…”

The ten seconds it took to hear that will forever be stolen from me, but I think it might have been funny enough to overlook that fact. It seriously blew my mind though. What an awkward story to tell someone. Beer will do that to people I suppose.

Snapped this gem for you. The Yobeat reader who likes to laugh at girls dancing by themselves in the corner of the room to Mystikal’s “Shake Ya’ Ass”.

The night dragged on. It got crazy. Criddler did good for themselves. My body hurts, my pack is empty, and I’m excited to wait another half decade for Criddler 3.

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  1. silva
    silva says:

    yeah joe and robert!!! straight killin it! I wish i was there for the premier and pounding brews too haha! Thanks Max, Justin, Ty and Joe for letting me be a part of this!!!!!!

    Thanks for posting this!

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