Hump Day with Darrell Mathes


Telling you that Darrell Mathes is good at snowboarding is worthless. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years you’ve heard, seen, or read about Darrell’s skills on a snowboard. For me Darrell was the hometown hero. The older guy that made it, the guy every kid envied. If you would have asked me in 8th grade if the guy who occasionally picked up hitchhiking skaters would become one of the industries leading boarders, I would have said no, and I would have been dead wrong. Darrell began his career riding for a now dead brand Andromeda. Shortly after that he had his big break in Mikey Leblanc’s first film, Love/Hate. A younger Darrell pushed rail riding to new levels and it all took off from there. These days you can find Darrell skating around Portland in the summer, or flying from city to city all winter long. I once stumbled on a quote that read, “Darrell Mathes has no bad days.” After knowing Darrell for so long I am starting to believe it.

Your first sponsor was Andromeda snowboards, what was that all about?

Darrell: It was fucking sick, we tried to start something new in the NW with Brett Butcher and our homie JJ Johnstone.

Wasn’t Corey Smith involved as well?

Darrell: Yeah, he helped with graphics.

Why did you leave, it was your baby?

Darrell: Well, everything was coming around except getting are boards made. That just wasn’t happening. Our boards just sucked, they were breaking after a couple days of riding.

You left for Elevation, which also went out of business.

Darrell: Right, I got an offer to ride for Elavation which was the worst move I ever made in snowboarding. That company was so lame, and they never paid my ass. Luckily Mikey and Justin Hebbel helped out and got me on Ride snowboards.

Technine was also a main sponsor of yours back then, how did you become a part of that scene?

Darrell: Brett Butcher introduced me to Cole Taylor, so I showed him some shots of mine. He was really stoked on what he saw and wanted me to start filming for them.

Mikey Leblanc said you got on Holden by just showing up to the first shoot with Hebbel. How did your career take off so fast in such a good direction?

Darrell: I really have no idea. I think it was timing. Hebbel really helped me out a lot too.

So what is the next step? You’ve done the big Mack Dawg parts, you’ve even become a member of the WESC clan. What does the future hold?

Darrell: Just getting ready for the season. I had surgery on my knee about 4 months ago and I’m hopping to be ready by December.

What happened to your knee?

Darrell: Back in January I did a stupid bomb drop and twisted my knee. It was really stupid and wasn’t even good enough to put in a video part. I guess that’s how u get hurt, on the stupid stuff.

What other injuries have you had?

Darrell: Nothing really, knock on wood.

You are a founding member of Videograss, are you excited to film for that program?

Darrell: Yeah, so fucking stoked for it. People are going to flip out on it.

It’ll be a major change from shooting with Mack Dawg, are you excited to get back to a project with a little grit?

Darrell: For sure, I was stoked on MDP but I wasn’t satisfied at the end of the day. My parts really never came out how I wanted them to be. Every year, Jeremy Jones or Seth Hout would tell me that I should have had more shots in my part. Plus I realized that isn’t my type of film to watch. I’m so stoked to hear that Nima and the Hakkers are involved in Videograss, they are down for the same reason as I am, it is going to be a lot of fun. We are going to make a movie that brings out personality and style.

Now that you are considered a “big pro”, what are the perks, where has all of this taken you?

Darrell: Not many places, but I’ve gotten to go to Japan and Germany. I’ll also be going to Austria in the beginning of December. Definitely looking forward to that.

Who will be in your new riding crew?

Darrell: Everybody that is filming for the movie. I would like to stay away from just one crew. I like riding with new people, mix it up you know? Plus each rider has a different look on snowboarding and the way they see something, it helps me get more creative.

Do you have a home base yet? Or are you still living out of a board bag?

Darrell: SLC, in Andy Wright’s basement. He has a small room for me, enough space to put a bed in and that’s it.

You were really on the forefront of tech rail riding for a while, are you excited to see where the new kids in your crew have taken it?

Darrell: For sure, It’s going to be hard to catch up with those guys. But I’m ready to learn some new tricks and really focus on some new stuff this winter. Also I’m planning on spending a lot more time in the backcountry. Most of the younger guys want to get out there too.

As far as sponsors go you’ve been pretty loyal, why have you stuck with Holden for all these years?

Darrell: Because it’s the only true snowboarding company out there. Plus they make really good gear and I support Mikey 100%.

Enough history, I heard you clashed with the Team Thunder crew in Vegas. Care to comment?

Darrell: (Laughing) I was really stoked on this shot and then the next day I heard somebody went and did the same thing from the Thunder crew. I didn’t really care, just at that time I was pretty bummed. It’s all good, I’ve got no grudges. Plus, I did watch their video this year and it’s pretty cool.

You also went race car driving last year. How did that happen?

Darrell: Oh, that was awesome. Sounds really lame, but it was one of the coolest things I ever gotten to do. I’m really into driving fast…

Who put that on for you guys?

Darrell: It was put on by Vitamin Water and my buddy Ninja hooked it up for me.

I remember you telling me Nima used to hook up box seats at Lakers games. How do you get into these situations?

Darrell: I have no idea. It was pretty cool though. Lots of free beer. Nima just gave some kid a snowboard and we ended up in box seats. I don’t really think it was a good trade for that guy.

Now that you aren’t a rookie have you considered life after snowboarding?

Darrell: Lately I have been thinking about it. I’m hoping in a couple years I’ll have a better understanding of what i want to do. Right now though I’m really into snowboarding and making my dream video part.

Do you think it will happen in videograss?

Darrell: Hope so.

So who pays for this lifelong vacation?

Darrell: Ride snowboards, Vans, Holden, Spy, WESC, Grenadegloves, and Active.

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  1. Mr HIPHOP
    Mr HIPHOP says:

    “Because it’s the only true snowboarding company out there” hmmm… Anthony Boronowski is a pro skier and he is sponsored by Holden.. how true is that?

    Mr BEATBOX says:

    True enough to not give a fuck. What is your favorite company? They either are owned or made by a ski company. Mr. HipHop get a fucking life. Stop listening to Lil BowWow son. Ya feel me blood? O is dem bangin’ skull candies blockin out cha ears?

  3. shredface
    shredface says:

    to mr beatbox: both holden and ride are owned/start up money from k2, which is a publicly owned ski company.

  4. Check Ya Facts
    Check Ya Facts says:

    Holden Is indy…… took back it’s shit from the evil Ski2 when it got bought by the bigger Mr Coffee…roast please. Kids you’re dumb and behind……….. thought you were on the interweb and it had all the info….catch up!

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