Firing Squad: Robbie Kicks Another ASS

Robbie Sell is on a rampage. Week one he destroyed the champ. Week two wasn’t even a competition. What do the Gods have in store for week three I wonder? Well, it is up to you. So scroll down and pick the guy you believe took the better photo. 

Robbie Sell’s beautiful use of shadow and two time winning photograph: 


Our new challenger John Webster with his photo of Madison Blackley: 

Ok ladies and gentlemen, start voting.

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To submit your own photo, please email [email protected]

3 replies
  1. brian
    brian says:

    tah! just because wall rides are hot right now. even though the rider is ripping please make sure the photographer has some skills.

    Robbie’s photo kills it!

  2. Kenny
    Kenny says:

    Whats funny to me is that i like how john webster is doing a “pierra style” shot with the fench. Pierre being the mastermind behind Neoproto and wasnt Robbie part of that gang?


    Both great photos non the least but gotta give my vote to Mr. Sell

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