Yobeat’s Opening Day

Yobeat finally got the chance to go snowboarding this past weekend. Rumor had it Timberline was going to open its lifts to the public, as a serious snowboard journalist I just had to be there. Unfortunately my carpool buddy decided we had to get there early and woke me up at 7a.m. No one should be that excited about snowboarding six inches of ice.

By the time I arrived at the northwest’s only open ski resort I was in a foul mood. Tired, agitated, and smelling like the night before I took the mountain air in and decided against leaving the parking lot. The price of a lift ticket combined with the mid september looking conditions gave me the idea to shred the parking lot. Besides, the parking lot had mini jumps, the mountain only had skiers and ice.

Obviously I made the right choice. The parking lot session turned into an all out party. Little kids were coming and asking for advice on everything from turning to indy grabs. Random hero’s were showing up killing the mini hip, launching the mini jump, and having a great time. Basically the only people left on the actual mountain were skiers and all the cool people trying to keep their sponsors. Everyone who came for fun was hanging around the parking lot.

By the end of the day I saw little kids learn their first tricks, older guys relive the glory days, my ass slam against rocks, frozen dirt, and ice balls, and at least six dozen face plants by everyone involved. Tactics team rider Colby Richards even managed to hand-plant the mini spine. It was the best opening day I’ve ever experienced, and the best day anyone will be seeing in a while. The northwest forecast calls for sun, sun, and more sun. Skate while you can everybody.

My face mid jaw drop upon seeing little kid after little kid bag their first tricks. Congrats to all those little devils.

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