Austin Sweetin Interview


The Next Best Thing from the Northwest

Austin Sweetin is a happy-go-lucky kid from Washington, but put him on a snowboard or in front of Guitar Hero and he becomes a monster straight from the depths of Hell. I’ve known Austin for two years now and he has only gotten better at riding a stick of wood. He jumps like a Finnish kid and has begun hammering out the rail trickery too. He is about to enter his senior year and all he seems to care about is babes, snowboarding, and handling the road now that he has a license. I sat down with the youngster as he had a seizure playing Guitar Hero and asked him a few questions. — Nick Lipton, Pirate Journalist

If we were Forum, we would delete the Ride graphic off this shot. But we’re not. Photo: Geery

NL: You’re a little guy, but you pull tall chicks. How or why do you do it?
AS: The main reason is that I’m shorter, and most girls I meet are taller then me.

NL: (Being a big shot snowboarder in High School must be rad these days.) What’s up with being an American, and a West Coaster for that matter, who can actually jump?
AS: Jumps are definitely my favorite thing to ride, I just like to lap the jump line at Snowqualmie all day.

NF: Forum over Ride, what happened there?
AS: (Blank Stare)

Warning: Snowboarding in July can cause delerium. photo: Lipton

NL: What are you doing with your youth?
AS: Riding at Hood, but once September comes around I will be back at school for my senior year.

NL: Yeah and after that?
AS: Go to college make a living off something I love to do.

NL: Is school and travel a hassle? How are the babes in High School?
AS: High School is O.K., kinda hard to keep up in the winter but the babes can be good.

Hey man, it’s intense. Photo: Lipton

NL: Why does your face have a stroke when you play guitar hero?
AS: It’s just that intense!

Austin just joined the Forum program and has been riding for this and that company for a few years, do the research yourself the kid needs the google hits.

Wee! photo: Geery

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