Hump Day with Cody Comrie


Salt Lake City has always attracted snowboarders. Close to mountains, an airport, and a city, snowboarders have it easy in the SLC. Unfortunately every boarder who moves to Utah expects that upon arrival they will sign a million dollar contract for the company of their choice. Somewhere inside this ridiculous little universe of strong religious values, weak beer, and great snow is a group called Team Thunder. These boys, and girls, are doing their best to keep snowboarding simple and enjoyable. One of these modern day heros is Cody Comrie. At first glance Cody may appear to be a hot mess of tight denim and unpaid bills, but trust me, he has a lot more going on than that.

Nick: Why do you snowboarding everyday? Why don’t you hang up the towel and get a desk job?

Cody: Simple, this shit is so much fun. I like to pretend I’m really good at skateboarding on my snowboard. I’ll never work for someone else either. The time to snowboard is now. I have my whole life for the other shit.

Nick: Do you have a plan for the future? Or is it Team Thunder until the knees explode?

Cody: I don’t have a plan exactly, but I am prepared. I have a college degree and all that. I got it from The Art Institute of Seattle for Industrial Design, I can design cars and what not. The focus of my college stuff was automotive design. I almost got hired to mold clay into the shape of cars.

Nick: If snowboarding doesn’t work out do you plan on moving to Japan to model cars?

Cody: That would be cool but all the Japanese cars are designed in California. I had an offer at Honda to do just that, but I went snowboarding instead.

Nick: I’ve heard you used to be a model. Is that a secret? Do your sponsors try to capitalize on your beauty?

Cody: I dunno’ who told you that, but that’s a lie. Seriously though, yeah I did it. I made mad cash too. I’m a bit too haggard now to step in front of the lens, I look like shit.

Nick: Who did you model for?

Cody: Deer Valley, I walked through the woods for like ten minute. Then I hung around the food table and ate a lot of free food. The Ad pops up in like PC Magazine and shit, it is way embarrassing. This interview isn’t very flattering.

Nick: As an up and coming rider, and retired model, who do you look up to in the snowboard world?

Cody: I love MFM, he’s my number one fav’. My number one man. I like him cause’ he never grabs. I’m too tall to do most grabs, he makes me feel good about myself.

Nick: Mark Frank Montoya has his own career. This is about Cody Comrie, speaking of which how, how is snowboarding working out for you?

Cody: Seems like it keeps getting better. More people are into the whole Team Thunder thing. I’m getting interviews and free stuff. It’s all really awesome, I never saw myself getting to this point let alone where I’m hoping to go from here.

Nick: Cody you had opening part this year in Gold Country. Are you planning on a repeat performance next year? Or will you fade away like so many other up and comers?

Cody: I have no idea, plus, the plan is different for this year. We’re going to get on a train headed somewhere east, film for like three weeks, and then go to Puerto Rico for the rest of the winter where it’s not so cold. Something like that, maybe not Puerto Rico, but you know, just film a documentary or something. The Darjeeling Limited with snowboards, or maybe I’m totally wrong.

Nick: Do you enjoy being a member of Team Thunder?

Cody: Enjoy? I love it. We’re all homies, they took me in, showed me how it all worked, now I have a share in the company because I’ve worked really hard to make this thing happen. It’s the coolest, it’s the best doing it for yourself.

Nick: Cody you’ve been living in Utah for a while now. As a snowboarder, and a member of Utah’s most notorious bunch of hellions, how do you cope with the watered down beer and minimal after hours action Utah provides?

Cody: I don’t know? I just drink sooo much, way too much, 100 beers gets the job done for me. No, I’m not sure. Watered down beer isn’t the coolest though.

Nick: Motorcycles seem to be the hot new accessory in snowboarding. You have one, are you trying to fit in?

Cody: (Laughing) Fit in, no. I just like bikes.

Nick: You’ve got other hot accessories don’t you. You’ve been put onto the Ashbury Am squad. That must make your face look pretty cool. Are you excited about being a part of that program?

Cody: So stoked on that, definitely the best thing I got going on. Those guys are so rad, they put me on just because (Justin) Hebble said so. They have the best team ever and like half the dudes are my friends. I’m really happy about all that.

Nick: What is the plan? Where can we find you? What does the future hold?

Cody: Team Thunder man. Traveling around and living the dream. I’m a little sick of being so broke though, but this is what I want to do at the moment, and that’s all that matters. So for now I’ll keep trying to make movies, snowboard, and hope it all keeps growing. Afterwards I’ll get my helicopter license, fly tours in Hawaii or something.

Nick: In the mean time who is helping you out? Who is making you slightly less broke?

Cody: Ashbury, Capita, Commune (formerly Ambiguous), Blindside Shop, and an outerwear company may start helping me out soon enough.

Nick: So you have a degree, you’ve been a model, you have plans to become a pilot, you turned down Honda for snowboarding, and you currently plan on traveling through life with a snowboard and a group of friends? Did I sum that up correctly?

Cody: I guess so, I just plan on doing what I want. Live the dream. Team Thunder for life.

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Many of the photos were provided by:
Dave Brewer

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