Nemo Design and Yobeat Throw a Party

Crowd Showing up, Sitting down, and Enjoying

This past saturday night Nemo Design and Yobeat teamed up to throw one hell of a video premiere. It was fun, free, and seriously dysfunctional. Equipment and personal malfunctions couldn’t bring down a good time, who needs a microphone anyway, outside voices work just as well. To get into the door all you had to bring was a smile, but donations were being collected and raffle tickets were being sold. With the hopes of donating a good amount of money to the SnowDays organization a few companies (Airblaster, Nike, Holden, Skull Candy, Burton, Nitro, Cliff Bar, and Timberline) donated product to help throw a great raffle and a few product tosses. 

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The party wouldn’t have been so good if it wasn’t for the Isenseven boys and Nemo. Providing the booze and other refreshments really helped everyone loosen up and enjoy the evening. Vincent and Travis, the CEO and American Manger, for Isenseven flew into Portland just for the show. Those guys, well, they party. Speaking of Isenseven their movie is rather excellent. Extremely European, but still very good. 

Isenseven dudes, Travis and Vincent

The other movies played were Airblaster’s new film August, Team Thunder’s new movie Gold Country, and an interesting film My Own Two Feet which didn’t arrive until the party had officially ended. The tardiness of the movie didn’t seem to matter though, it got tossed into the DVD player, viewed, and loved by any pair of eyes still around to see it. 

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The crowd seemed to enjoy the evening. The free booze seemed to stir up a bit of a good time, and for those who weren’t 21 RedBull stopped by with cases of that yellow rocket fuel. 

Ashbury and Nitro rep Ryan having at it

Overtime raffle tickets were sold, donations were made, and a lot of gear was given away. The movies were watched, Isenseven seemed to be the crowd favorite, and more mayhem unfolded. When it was all said and done everyone seemed generally happy about the night, especially our prize winners. Even those who didn’t win anything left with a smile knowing they made a contribution to charity that night.  They weren’t as happy as the big winner of the night however. The winner of the Nike Boots was a little boy who walked up to the stage grinning ear to ear. I’ve never seen someone so excited about winning anything before in my life. Congratulations to that little guy and we were all happy to see someone so excited come out with the big win. 

After Nemo shut down the party moved down the street. Things happened, it got wild, and the night was enjoyed. Nemo Design and Yobeat would like to thank everyone for coming out, and we hope SnowDays enjoys the money we raised for them. For more on the Snowdays organization check out this link, they do great work for kids who need it.

Photography by Jordan Strong

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