Mandatory Coverage: Downtown Throwdown

Zac, Jake, Jonas, and Jed. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. 

Seattle’s Quest field is home to the NFL’s Seahawks, so when a bunch of snow, dirty kids, and photographers showed up to “slide ice” the security guards were pretty confused. One guard asked, “You guys are here to slide down ice? And these guys are considered “pro”? That’s stupid.” he was then asked, “Is watching huge men throw around a ball any less stupid.” the guard thought about it and replied, “Guess not.”

Jonas Michilot won money for his ice sliding skills.

Forget the security guys, they were all jerks anyway. The rail jam was great. Summit at Snoqualmie’s Krush Kulesza along with the rest of Snowboy Productions put on the third annual Downtown Throwdown in Seattle and it was packed with today’s best up and coming riders. Jed Anderson, Nick Dirks, Jarad Hadi, Scott Stevens, Austen Sweetin, Jonas Michilot, and a bunch of others were judged by Darrell Mathes, Jon Kooley, and Austin Smith on a downbar, a down-flat-down, and a wall ride.

Zac Marben’s mustache is doing things.

Practice started, kids got wild. Name a trick, it happened, it happened the other way, and it happened hardway. I’m not even going to get into the trick list. It would be useless, name a trick, it happened. Some standout moments though were Jed Anderson’s everything. Hardway front 180 switch 5-0 back 180 out. That was one of maybe 40 tricks he did. Nick Dirks apparently didn’t feel like hitting the rails after practice and focused all his energy on launching off the wall ride. I’ve never seen a snowboarding come so close to skateboarding. Jake Olsen-Elm decided to switch front the double kink, and pretty much everyone else except this one bad guy had something amazing to offer.

Nick Dirks, big wall to wall transfer. 

In the end, Jed Anderson won, because he is better than everyone else. Everyone who didn’t win shouldn’t feel bad though, Peter Line put it great after the awards, “Contests should be a first place or last place kind of a thing, no middle ground.”

Jed Anderson, wall ride hand plant. Mind Blowing.

Then everyone went to bars, hotel rooms, and Seattle’s other hotspots. Oddly, the snowboard crowd shut the bar down and got thrown out, who saw that coming? Someone let off some bottle rockets in the bar, I understood this as a sign of congratulations for Jed, but others saw it differently. The bar was then emptied and the night continued elsewhere.

Check the full photo gallery below, get all excited about snowboarding, and wait another month for snow to fall.

Article Photography by: Jordan Strong

Photo Gallery by: Jared Souney

Check out the full gallery with images by the legendary Jared Souney.

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  1. Huckleberry Hart
    Huckleberry Hart says:

    Seattle is probably the worst place for a rail jam. Snowboarders from WA are all grizzly, bitter lumberjacks that like to grumble about rail kids looking like preteen girls. They just like to eat jerky and hike burly lines. Thank goodness the whole grimy-snowboarder thing is “in” right now: the WA lumberjacks let the rail kids have their fun without throwing hatchets at them.

  2. fireworks
    fireworks says:

    go figure booze, fireworks, and a large social gathering of friends wouldn’t end hilariously slash early slash badly

  3. willielong johnson
    willielong johnson says:

    eat jerky and hiking burly lines? sounds good to me… thats why we imported half the east coast kids over here, so they have time to sow their pants and can ride ice and rails in a different location.

  4. Matty V
    Matty V says:

    Yobeat my apologies for editing your sticker out of the Snowboard Mag TV deal, next time get one of those slutty MX chicks from ASR to poach it, and I’ll keep you in fer sher.



  5. shawpaw
    shawpaw says:

    whoever huckleberry heart is needs to get checked.. because who the fuck is he to say what WA snowboarders are? WA snowboarders are everything you all wish you could be.. peter line, jamie lynn, craig kelly.. who else touches these cats? legends are born here and snowboarding has mad roots here.. stop running your mouth till you come see what we’re about up here..

    onetimeforyourmind, hater.

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