Firing Squad: Jason Cagney vs. Alex Mertz

It’s week four of Jason Cagney’s domination here at the Firing Squad. If he wins this week he will be our first official champion, fame awaits. Alex Mertz doesn’t feel like seeing that happen though and submitted this patented Josh Dirksen pow slash. So what’s it going to be people? Is Cagney going to grab the first Champion title, or is Alex Mertz going to stop his dreams into dust. As always, you decide, vote now.

Jason Cagney’s three time winning photograph.


Alex Mertz’s Pow Slash.


Vote now for who you think deserves the weekly win.

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16 replies
  1. Neil Patrick Harris
    Neil Patrick Harris says:

    As far as straight pictures go, this isn’t even a contest. If you look at those two pictures and you don’t think the first one is hands down better, than your opinion is terrible.

  2. Kyle DeVore
    Kyle DeVore says:

    i think you guys might be failing to grasp that this is a PHOTOGRAPHIC contest.

    therefore who has the picture which seemingly took more photographic knowledge/talent, should prevail.


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