MadRad Rocks Seattle

Thursday night was one to remember. At 2 p.m. I left Eugene, Oregon for Seattle, Washington fully aware that I had to be back in Eugene by 10a.m. the very next day. What would push someone to drive over 500 miles in a single night like that? One answer, the Mad Rad release party for their new album “White Gold”, held in one of Seattle’s top venues, Chop Suey.

The trip was going to take a toll on my health, but sleep is for the weak. I drove to Portland, Oregon to pick up my photographer and from there planned on speeding to Seattle as quickly as possible. Of course my planning was for shit, we hit traffic in both Portland and Seattle, and every fast food restaurant we stopped at the people seemed to be less in touch with how far off Seattle really was. In any case, we arrived in Seattle, parked the car, and experienced some Capital Hill hospitality all before 8 p.m. The band had to be at the venue to set up shop, so my counterpart and I roamed around and eventually ate Dicks. Dicks is probably the best burger joint in Washington. Cheap, fast, good, and friendly, Dicks is the spot for a quick meal. After consuming dead cow we made way to Chop Suey to met up with Mad Rad’s Terry RadJaw and P.Smoov. They welcomed us into the venue, got us our wristbands for “backstage access” a.k.a a couple of dudes hanging out in a room, and took us around to shake hands and kiss babies.

RadJaw Backstage.

A few hours later we met up with DJ Darwin, Seattle’s most eccentric DJ, to hear his new set. Then, it was go time. Buffalo Madonna showed up, fresh off having performed in a play, and the crew was complete. These boys were ready to get robotic.

The show started with the Mad Rad crew hitting the stage in robot outfits. Kids went nuts. MadRad Hammered out songs and got the front of the stage packed with women just dying for a chance to touch some robo-dick.

After a set, the robot suits came off, broke off, or were torn off and the show really began. Songs like Super Dope, My Product, Crack the Blunt, Sexxy Bicycle, and Zeus Disco to name a few banged the crowd over the head with a heavy electronic/hip-hop/ghetto-tech mash up that makes women sweaty and men jealous. Women were screaming, trying to rip the clothes off the boys, and the level of pandaemonium seemed to know no end. I spent five minutes in the heart of the crowd and after what I believe was pee hit the back of my leg I bailed for  a better look backstage. The crowd was electric, clad in the weirdest of outfits, and ready for anything. Women were licking the glitter coated beards of the lead singers, guys had outstretched hands pleading for that oh so important high-five, and an array of lights and sounds kept everyone in high spirits. The performance of Crack the Blunt was the most memorizing moment of the show. There was no hearing Mad Rad at that point, it was a modern day Riot House. The crowd knew the song and was singing it louder than the boys of Mad Rad could. Speakers be damned, a few hundred people belting out your lyrics is a powerful experience. The show then ended with a first time performance of Mad Rad’s newest song, something you had to be there for.

P.Smoov getting on crowd control

After the show things got weird. Groupies are a hell of a species. The quote of the night was a tie between, “It’s my first time back stage, I’m so excited, I look so cool.” and, “I’ll take you home right this second.” which Buffalo Madonna laughed at and declined. The rest of the backstage party hype was even odder. Hundreds of people jamming around, not doing anything too outrageous, just trying to touch, feel, or stand by someone in Mad Rad. Girls were literally crowd surfing to get to the band, and every girl there seemed to be either too hammered to talk or about to get knocked out by another lady. It was a weird scene, eventually we split for an apparent after party.

Buffalo Madonna backstage, robot rock.

The after party we found was brutally small and mellow. In the first few minutes we were told that we were disrespectful, breaking things, and too loud. I found this odd, you would expect the host to know these kids just finished their biggest show to date, what exactly were they expecting? Shortly after that our attitudes became foul and we were kicked out. The group walked aimlessly for a while through the streets of Seattle until we realized RadJaw was having an after party as well. We got there, hung out, and I noticed I had five hours to drive and it was already 4 a.m.

P.Smoov working out the kinks

Hugs, kisses, and handshakes happened. Everyone left happy. My photographer and I ended up lost in Seattle looking for I-5 South, and five or six hours later I was back in Eugene.

The bottom line is Mad Rad put on a show. They got the crowd going crazy, no one had a voice or a drip of sweat left by the end, and they showed my photographer and I a great time afterwards. The boys of Mad Rad will be going on a nation wide tour in the next few weeks so you should catch them if they come within a few hundred miles of you, I did, and I’d do it all over again.

To listen to the tracks off “White Gold”, tour dates, and any other info about Mad Rad check out:

Cd also available on itunes now!

Photography by:

Color photography by : Jordan Strong

Black and White by: Rabid Child Images

Additional Photography below.

Dj Darwin, Lots of pride on that hand of his.

RadJaw in Gold


The entrance.

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    great article! O great photography! nice to have fun with you all. F i will definitely pass this along. well worth the read. S

  2. Gracie3333
    Gracie3333 says:

    Just saw them last night perform at a Chinese/Japanese restaurant (shrug) in NJ. I’d never heard of them before. They were AWESOME! Their timing was ridiculous, and they are extremely entertaining to watch. I would definitely love to see them again…but after I’ve memorized their songs off their CD I picked up before I left…

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