FIRING SQUAD: Jason Cagney vs. John Farrell

October 12, 2008 the next battle begins. This week we have Jason Cagney’s black and white lifestyle shot pitted againsted newcomer John Farrell’s black and white action still. Cagney was the winner of last weeks record breaking battle and we here at Yobeat are beginning to think he could be the first champ. The beauty of the weekly Firing Squad though is our opinion doesn’t matter. You hold the power to vote, you crush dreams, you boost egos, and you ultimately decides who moves on. Four straight weeks and you are crowned Champion, it hasn’t happened yet, but it’s still early in the Photo Battle. Vote now!

In his third week, Jason Cagney’s image of Lindsay.


Newcomer John Farrell and his shot of Joe McGinley


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Vote now to start boosting egos and crushing dreams. 

Want to prove you can do more than just hold a camera? Send any photos you have to [email protected] for an opportunity into one of the weekly Firing Squad installments. You bought that camera for a reason right? Show us what you can do with it.

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