Viewed and Reviewed: The Boned Age


Millions of years ago Grenade Gloves would make movies. Rad little flicks packed full of random snowboarding from every one of their two billion team riders. Somewhere in the last few years though Grenade stopped producing movies, which was a shame, because they were entertaining. This year however Grenade came out with a movie, an organized one at that. It is called The Boned Age, and by the looks of things it cost a pretty penny. This movie had some serious highlights, but like many things in the snowboard industry right now it left a bad taste in my mouth. 

The video has a cool little plot, something along the lines of lets party and grab some ladies. Which of course doesn’t work out, but is still funny. In better news, the hot chick they are chasing actually is a hot chick. So for all you little boys out there, if you buy this movie you get to see hot chicks. Danny Kass and Scotty Lago put on a good show as the “stars” of the film, and oddly enough, are the only riders to really have worth while parts. 

Danny’s part is well, Dannyish. Really big jumps, really big this, really big that, and overall just a sense of, “He really can ride that stick of wood.” Scotty Lago’s part is similar. Those guys really did some riding. That was a pleasant little treat. 

The rest of the movie was boring, sorry whoever was riding, but yeah pretty boring. Of course, I bet there were some cool shots here and there, but I don’t remember them. There was also an abundance of crazy nature shots, but Travis Rice’s movie pretty much covered that for the year so Grenades in turn was just annoying. 

Final synopsis, the movie has its moments, the chicks are hot, Dave England is freaking hilarious, and Scott and Danny proved that they are good. Besides that, the movie was boring, the snowboarding wasn’t anything special, and the wild feeling of years past just wasn’t there.

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  1. Ronnie Dobbs
    Ronnie Dobbs says:

    Yeah, the NYC “premeire” sucked balls. Who are the incompetent retards running this shit? Place was pretty empty already and then everyone filed out promptly when the movie wasn’t being shown when they stated (11pm). Most people left by midnight and i was told they actually played the film around 1am….. sounds like we should be glad we didn’t see the film as the reviews coming back aren’t very good!

    Oh well. chalk it up to another poorly run snowboard company run by a bunch of retards.

  2. java
    java says:

    I just watched the movie for the first time a few days ago. I liked it. Thought it was put together well -filming was on point, some funny stuff, some good riding, some good music -Danny’s Dead Boys song and the Ozzy stood out. For me, that made for an overall good experience. Kyle Clancy had some wicked shit, Benji got gnarly, Gabe Taylor probably had his best part yet, and it was sick to see Lane Knack doing some cool shit -and shredding a pipe…if I remember right, he had a frontside allyoop crail in there. I’ve never seen anyone do one of those. Danny went off and Scotty Lago is a crazy motherfucker. Rail riding was nothing to write home about -although Gooner had a few cool tricks, but the jumping and pow slashing was good. That’s my official review.
    I’ll watch it a few more times. I’m down for it.

  3. Nerds
    Nerds says:

    A review in a review, cool. I think the problem here is Grenade lost its swagger. Who cares if you put a good movie together, everyone can do that now. Like Iggy said, “Raw Power.” and that is what is missing from this video. Grenade has lost a step.

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