Photo Battle: October 7th

Last week Jason Cagney crushed the competition proving a new era of dominance in the Photo Battle world. Each week photographers are submitting better and better photos in an attempt to claim the first ever Champion spot. It takes four consecutive wins to be crowned champion, so far, no dice. Will Jason Cagney be the first? Or will new comer Ben Birk be the crowd favorite this week? As always, you vote, you decide, crush the dreams of one and raise the hopes of another. Enjoy this weeks photo entries.

Last weeks winner Jason Cagney’s shot. Jason used film, a darkroom, and a lot of talent.

The weeks challenger is the very talented Ben Birk. He took this shot of Riley Nickerson getting crafty on some handrail.

Who impressed you this week? Will Jason make it through to a third week? Or will Ben Birk run off with a big win? Vote, spread the word, and stay keep checking back.
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