Firing Squad: September 30, 2008

Alex Franzese has been running the show lately. Last week Yobeat’s own Editor-in-Chief entered a photo and was destroyed. This week I feel the voting will be different, more interesting. The new comer Jason Cagney has taken a great photo of fellow rider Lindsay Sittinger, and guess what folks, he used film. That’s right, no photoshop here, just good old dark room skills and a sweet film camera. Suck on that technology, Jason Cagney got retro, and snapped a banger shot.

Vote for who you like people, Alex Franzese our current Photo Battle king, or the new comer Jason Cagney.

Alex Franzese’s crowd pleasing slush slash.

Or, Jason Cagney’s crazy lifestyle skills.

You be the judge, vote, comment, and email now.

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4 replies
  1. joe
    joe says:

    cagney took a way better photograph
    but franzese took an insane picture

    ya dig?

    like whats goin on in that pic cross that water, sick

    as far as photography goes though
    cagney runs that shit

  2. Shay
    Shay says:

    The second shot is just beautiful. The first is rad…but damn I like the second one and it makes me want it to snow right now! Ok snow now!

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