Forum or Against em, I’m For Them


While watching the new Forum flick Forum or Against em I realized something, most snowboard movies are complete garbage. In no way am I saying that all production companies besides Forum are a waste, but they sure could be doing a better job. Forum or Against em turned out to be a real gem, the kind that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach that you paid for.

What stood out in this movie was the level of riding. Every movie is packed with guys trying to “push it” or “blow up”, and most of those riders believe that they deserve to be the highest paid rider on Earth. The difference is, the group of guys that collectively create Forum push themselves far harder than most. Every rail is longer, every jump is bigger, and every urban and natural feature is just somehow scarier than what the general filming population is up to. Still, that is not the most impressive part. The ingredient that will really get your goat is that even though the features were built by Satan himself, the Forum boys get as “tech” and as “tricky” as everyone else does on features half the size.

Besides the films mind blowing level of riding, you should also be aware that the intro is one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. The editing is great, you will become jealous and wish you had computer skills. That hunk of editing brings me to my next point, which is the rest of the editing. Round of applause, the movie brings more personality across the screen than any other. You actually get a small feeling for who these kids are by the time the credits roll.

Get out to the local shop, pick this one up. It will be a classic soon enough. If nothing else has convinced you of this I will say a few last words. Peter Line has a full part, one of the boys shot an amazing ender and will have a good night at the next Transworld Riders Poll, and this movie will seriously get you excited about snowboarding. Scouts honor audience, this movie is worth every penny.

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    Scott says:

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    !keltJiree! says:

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