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I’ve been to a few movie premieres in my life. They have all been very similar. Too many kids trying to grab up free swag, too many washed up older folks trying to relive the glory days, and far too much awkward commotion. Evan Rose decided to invite me to the Forum premiere in Portland, Oregon this past Saturday night. Rumor was that it would be a good time, so I went, and well, it was a great time. Great food and drinks, good friends, and an amazing venue. In my mind Forum has set the standard for how to hold a movie premiere. Here are a few pictures and words about the experience.

This is Evan, he is the man, I’m thinking he deserves a raise. Evan not only put on a great show that night, but he also payed for the taxi ride to the next event, stand up guy that one.

These dudes had fun. Everyone had fun. We had fun both before and after the movie, but I’m going to be honest and say afterwards was the better part of the evening. The Living Room Theater in Portland is a great place to have a good time though, I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.


This is what the end of the movie looks like. Check back Tuesday for the Forum or Against em’ movie review. I think you’ll like what you read.

I should mention that many pro’s, industry heads, and random nice guys were there. Along with an assortment of good looking ladies. I could show you pictures of them drinking and what not, but come on, like you haven’t seen enough of that in your lifetime. Just imagine a bunch of guys hyped up and having fun. It was a good time, the movie was cool, and Forum became one of my favorite companies. The movie review will make you happy, so come back for it.

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