Smack Down: Team Thunder’s “Gold Country”

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On Gold Country: 

“I can’t believe they built that stuff.”-Ben Lynch

“Wow Harrison.”-Jarad Hadi

“I haven’t seen the movie yet.”-Mikey Leblanc

Utah, home of watery beer, big families, and the best damn group of snowboarding rascals the world over. Forget about “going for broke” these guys are just plain broke, and they are having the best of times anyway. 

Team Thunder’s newest release Gold Country is without a doubt the most unique and creative movie of the year. Sure, I guess you can complain that it isn’t the all time best movie ever, or that the riding isn’t up to the standards of today’s most notorious European pro’s, but guess what, they don’t want to be thought of as any of that, Team Thunder just wants fun, creativity, and talent to ooze through the television and ruin your brand new sticker job. Yes, I know that you are carpet boarding. 

What I most liked about this movie was the consistency, meaning, the whole thing was good. Now maybe I’m biased, because I like creative snowboarding, but this movie covered the rail thing, the jump thing, the weird jump thing, the pipe thing, the skateboard thing, and added a bit of Team Thunder spice to all of it. 

Why I am recommending that you buy this movie is because you will literally become a more creative snowboarder after viewing it. Building weird and unique obstacles to snowboard on will become a hobby of yours, and the music, well, it is really good. I’ll let you in on a little secret as well, the riders, they can hold their own. Look for standout parts from many of the Thunders, some extra shots by the These Days crew, and simply put, a lot of heavy riding. Other things to consider are the great DVD extras and the fact that Gold Country is different, in a great way.  

Gold Country is a fun movie, definitely worth your money, so make sure to pick up a copy. In the words of Team Thunders executive producer Mike Comrie, “Gold Country is the best damn video made, in a long time…”

Pick up a copy at your local shop, or visit to get one online.

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  1. average joe
    average joe says:

    Man this video is sick! You guys are very creative and really capture the true essence of what snowboarding should be….I can’t wait to see what tricks you have up your sleeve for next year…..

  2. Huckleberry Hart
    Huckleberry Hart says:

    Man this video is sick! I haven’t seen it yet. But everybody says that it is the goods. I will have to hunt out a copy. In other news, snowboarders are no longer permitted to use the word “sick.”

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