Viewed and Reviewed: Airblaster Shoots, Airblaster Scores


(Photo 100% stolen from; Photo: Paul Miller)

A few years ago I met this guy Jesse Grandkoski. I was a youngster, he was an oldster, and I thought he was just keen. A few years later Jesse’s little project Airblaster has developed a hypnotic appeal in the snowboard community. Kids freakin’ love this stuff. For all those pining for leg bags and wild times the 08/09 season is everything you’ve been waiting for. The gear looks good, the quality is better, and holy moly, they entire team got together to create a month of wondrous nonsense which was captured on film. What is all of this randomness driving at? The movie review for Airblaster’s new video, August.

If you are in school, have no budget, and absolutely no time, making a movie in 30 days is not out of the question. When you are creating a snowboard movie, the same rules do not apply. Airblaster’s new flick August was filmed and edited entirely in the month of August, and maybe just a little bit of September. One would think that the movie would be a total disaster, but come on, it’s Airblaster, they turned a weird situation of camping, craziness, and snowboarding into a good little video.

Should you be expecting a Mack Dawg quality movie? With 13 parts, a few hammers, and a soundtrack for the ages? No, if you are you are an idiot. Unfortunately Airblaster has yet to top their debut release December, but trust me, August is a fun movie that will keep you stoked on snowboarding. The entire team got together to film this flick, you’re going to see Dirks, Jed Anderson, Ben Lynch, and so many others snowboarding strictly for fun. Yesterday we talked about lacking personality? Well guys, this movie oozes personality out of your DVD player. When the movie is over you’ll sigh in bitter jealousy, call your buddies, and get together to try and replicate the feeling this movie creates.

A quick recap of this movie would sound like this: “Ok, August, wow pipe can look cool, ouch hard fall, yeah this tastes like Airblaster, crazy, fast, fun, big crashes, hammered out tricks, oh that looks like fun, why wasn’t I there, I need to call Jesse, wow… that was insane, and oh man these bonus features are great.”

This movie, while maybe not the best release of the year, did the impossible and captured the most unique snowboarding I’ve seen in a very long time. If for no other reason, pick this flick up simply because you will have never seen some of what this movie has to offer. Late August backcountry sessions? Bet you’ve never seen that before.

Not descriptive enough? Too bad, go buy the movie.

If you know anything about creating a video you know how hard and tedious it can be. Now give yourself two weeks to log, edit, and finalize a month of footage, and you’ve got a serious situation on your hands. I pulled up a seat with Graham Foy (Director of August) and Nemo designs Austin Will (Editor) to get their input on everything August. Read, enjoy, learn something.

Nick: Graham who are you? Where are you from?

Graham: I’m from Calgary, in Canada. I was the director for Airblaster’s new movie, August.

Nick: What’s it like to be a Canadian when the American economy is seeing some hard times?

Graham: Probably the exact same as an American.

Nick: How long did it take to make August, how long were you up on Mt. Hood for?

Graham: 31 days, half filming, half editing.

Nick: Wow, the quick fix, what’s it like?

Graham: I think I brought some hip hop flava’ to the video this year, it’s got a pretty gangsta’ vibe, I think kids will be hyped on that.

Nick: Really? Gangster, I didn’t get that vibe when I saw it. So this video will be competing for most gangsta’ video of the year?

Graham: I don’t think there’s much of a competition…

Nick: A month camping in the woods with the Airblaster clan, how was that?

Graham: It was heavenly.

Austin: Have you ever had so much fun you almost through up laughing? That was an abundant feeling while camping with the Airblaster crew. We are all friends you know, how could it not be fun camping and doing what you love with your friends?

Graham: They are just the best guys to hang out with, ever.

Nick: Favorite dude?

Austin: Jesse, Jesse Grandkoski, he rips. He is super funny and always comes up with great ideas for the group to do. I would consider him the leader.

Graham: I think everyone is equal, Jesse does organize stuff and for sure holds everything together though. Paul Miller, Travis Parker, and Jonas Lea do as well.

Austin: Maybe that’s what I meant.

Nick: I’ve never met Jonas, who is that guy? I know a chick that thinks he is pretty much the coolest though. Austin can you guess?

Austin: Easy (laughing) J.S.

Nick: What is in this movie anyway? One month, at the end of the summer? Obviously no powder days.

Austin: Jumps, rails, hips, half pipes, backcountry, woods, park, HCSC, and the junk we call life. It’s a glimpse into the fun the Airblaster guys have. If you enjoy movies with a lot of personality this is the one for you.

Graham: The movie is your wildest dream come to life.

Nick: How long is it? Is it worth the hard earned allowance of today’s young shredder?

Austin: Long enough, just think, adventure and romance. This video supports good ideas, good people, this video is like nothing else coming out. It’s a goodie, you’ll watch it before, after, and maybe even during snowboarding. Video Ipods are all the rage after all.

Graham: Over 30 minutes of action, plus bonus. Don’t blow it, watch August no matter what! If you can’t afford it, steal it. August is everything your heart could ever desire packed into 30 minutes of heart pounding action.

Nick: Bullshit, dirty snowboard kids in the woods, no room for romance guys.

Graham: It is romance for the ladies.

Nick: You guys were camping, how did that go?

Austin: Tent city, we even logged footage in tents, in the woods. That was not easy, but what an experience.

Graham: Yeah the power would just shut down on us, it wasn’t easy.

Nick: The movie doesn’t come out until October, where are the premiers? How can kids go see this flick?

Austin: Global premiers, Germany, Netherlands, Colorado, other places…

Graham: Portland, Calgary, lots of places.

Nick: Any advice for kids out there who want to film snowboarding?

Graham: Stay in school, don’t do drugs, be creative, and work hard. Oh, shoot film don’t buy an HVX, you’ll learn more shooting film.

Nick: Craziest thing in the movie?

Graham: Ben (Lynch) fell into a crevasse, way up on Mt. Hood, riding away from a jump.  He barely lived. (He is fine now).

Nick: Is this on tape? In the actual movie?

Graham: Yea you gotta check out August, serious drama.

Austin: Yeah Ben fell into a big hole, or “center earth” as people who play World of War Craft might call it. He is sleeping on my couch these days though and seems to have gotten past that horrific ordeal.

Nick: How did you guys get all the way up to that area of Mt. Hood anyway? That is far past the top of Palmer. (highest chair at Timberline)

Graham: Helicopters.

Nick: You guys camped in the woods yet you had Helicopters?

Austin: We actually didn’t have a budget, we didn’t even have money for food, so no helicopters. Sorry.

Nick: Kid to watch for in the movie?

Austin: Jed Anderson, he is looking for chill girls. He is under 18, so if you ladies are reading this, keep him in mind. In all honesty though, Jed really impressed me while filming with us. He is an incredibly well rounded rider for someone his age.

Graham: Jed Anderson, he is good for a little kid, ok, he is the best period.

Austin: Also watch for Ben shooting people with fireworks, poop, camping, and fun.