Viewed and Reviewed: Autumn Line’s Technicolour


I’m dead tired, I don’t feel like writing a movie review right now, but hey, that’s the job. Autumn Line’s new flick Technicolour just made it to my doorstep. The box is cool, it’s all artsy 70’s style late night t.v., and I dig it. I give the rider list a look, I see some up and coming kids that I like, Eric Fernadez, Ben Bilocq, Lance Machado, and Scott Blum. I also see an old friend, Brett Butcher, on the cover so I’’m thinking to myself, “This might be a kick ass movie.”

Pop the box open, slip the DVD into the machine, grab a seat, and press play. This movie starts out swell as hell. Great intro, really cool editing, someone sure knows how to use after effects. Seriously, a cool intro, gotta hand it to them.

Uh oh, someone got overzealous while editing Technicolour. The bad news is that a lot of good riding lost its mojo because the Autumn Line editors felt it was more important to see how many different effects (both difficult and cheesy) could be squeezed into one snowboard movie. The snowboarding really didn’t seem to terribly important in this movie. I mean yes, it was there, I saw it, but I was so focused on the mediocre soundtrack, the overbearing editing style, and the disappointment of a total lack of personality that the snowboarding fell into the background. What a pity, great snowboarding from Ben Bilocq, Eric and Lance, the rest of the guys, and especially Brett Butcher’s banger was essentially ruined by some poor choices in the editing room.

My overall assessment of this movie is that it is just ok. I wouldn’t say it is bad, but I wouldn’t say it is good. A friend said, “It’s like Ohio, really flat.” and I think that sums it up perfectly. Technicolour has no personality, a really interesting (read: annoying) editing style, and not a lot going on in the audio department. But my teachers always told me to end on a good note, and I will. If you want to see the up and comers that weren’t in These Days cutting it up, then you want to see this movie. The rider list is great, the intro is really cool, and hey, there are worst ways to spend 20 bucks.

Pro’s: Intro, Rider List

Cons: Editing (too much)

Go to or check your local shop to grab a copy of Technicolour.
More reviews to come.

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  1. CT
    CT says:

    Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, or South Dakota are all better options for flat similes. Hell, Texas might have been a good choice too. Yes, most of the middle of the state is in fact fairly flat, but the south and north of the state is littered with rolling hills left over from the advance of glaciers in the ice age. I know you wouldn’t call yourselves journalists, but damn, at least try.

  2. JK
    JK says:

    Haha, CT isn’t so slick. How many people are rushing to get to Ohio for the next big powder day? No one, because it is flat. Sorry that “rolling hills” are special to you, most people who snowboard real mountains would laugh at your argument. Why don’t you head out west? Get a look at what a real mountain looks like, not a flat piece of shit like Ohio.

  3. CT
    CT says:

    Not saying there are mountains. It’s just as flat as Massachusetts, but I don’t think anyone would use that state as a metaphor for ‘flat.’ I’ve been everywhere man.

    Whatever, you are right, Ohio is a hick state full of ignorant pot bellied men and women who don’t wear shoes and think George Bush Jr. is God Incarnate. We even have a Creation Museum.

    Aren’t you glad we’re a swing state?

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