Think Thank in Seattle, Who Would’ve Thought?

Do people actually read these? Aside from the stance of some uber-pro, premiere summaries have got to be the most mundane aspect of snowboarding put to ink. “We rolled up to the joint, saw the bros and some famous dude, threw some high fives, drank drinks, and watched the movie. The movie was epic — Joe Shred had a sick part, Sally Boarder killed it and Frank Freestyle blew minds. Then we drank, hung out with C-list celebrities and rappers, got wild, woke up the next morning in some sketchy place, and you suck because you weren’t there. ”

The only thing saving this Seattle premiere from falling into step with every one before it is that it was for Think Thank’s “Stack Footy.” At a Think Thank shindig, you can be sure there won’t be any red carpets, VIP credentials, or anyone driving a nice car. There also will not be an energy drink sponsor, so drinks will cost $10 and the “stars” of the evening will all be sneaking off to the 7-11 down the block.

“Stack Footy,” the latest from Think Thank thinkers Jesse Burtner and Sean Genovese, does not contain any triple-backwards-swirly-rewinds or heli rides. It isn’t filmed with space-age technology, and yes, you might be capable of doing some of the tricks. Think Thank makes movies of snowboarders snowboarding the way they like to snowboard. These snowboarders may wear flannel, they may live in a van, they may not have a single sponsor, they may be from Boston, they may snowboard in drainage ditches, and they most certainly smell bad. But they do all these things well. Dressed like a bag of Skittles, Nick Visconti takes his thizzle dance to some real-deal rails. Burtner still snowboards better than me with just one foot strapped-in. I don’t know what the hell Scott Stevens does in his part, but it is amazing. And to top it off, there are boobs in Johnny Miller’s part. No joke — get on that PAUSE button.
Think Thankin’ is not a fad, nor will not disappear with the advent of some new goofy-ass trend. Though the goofy-ass trends may take over shop shelves, lift-lines and magazines, Think Thank will still be ripping around in the parking lot, redefining what can be done with a board and a cone.

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