The NooB: Danny Kass Says the Darnedest Things



In my research, I’ve heard a lot about this Danny Kass fellow. He seems to shred the gnar (that’s what you guys call it, right?) pretty epicly. Anyway, I was reading this little feature on some other snowboard site, and I was digging the photos and reading along.

A few things stood out to me as odd, though. His apparent gear crisis not withstanding, he made some interesting points in the interview that I’d like to discuss.

Number one:
“Halfpipes are not an endangered species but you do have skiers trying to take part of snowboarding’s history. I only like watching 2-3 skiers ride the pipe: Tanner and the C crew. A few years ago it was all snowboard parks and now you have a parallel competition schedule. If we don’t fight for what we started, people will take it over,” said Kass.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the same attitude skiers had years ago when they were trying to keep snowboarders off of their mountains? As far as I know, snowboarding fought hard to be allowed on the mountains and now you’re saying only Tanner Hall and his buds are cool enough to share the pipe with you? (I should do some sort of Flathead Valley shout-out for Tanner, but it’ll probably come across like I’m name dropping.)

It seems incredibly hypocritical to go from pleading your case with resort owners to let you play on their hills to saying skiers in the pipe are taking part of “snowboarding’s history.” Snowboarding took the half-pipe from skateboarding and made it a part of its history, right? Why can’t skiers make it part of theirs?

On to number two:
“What can the Olympics learn from events like Grenade Games? They can learn that snowboarding is not about steroids and schedules. The best events are jam format and the funnest [sic] events are the ones put on or organized by snowboarders, NOT SKIERS.”

This was followed by this great quote: “What’s your plan for the Olympics in Whistler 2010? I would like to start training this year as far as learning a new trick or combo and whooping some ass. I just want to stay healthy and focused on pipe for the next two seasons.”

Wait – what? You just said, “…snowboarding is not about steroids and schedules,” then you went on to say that you want to start training this year and focus on learning new combo moves in the halfpipe so you can kick ass at the Olympics? Need I say more?

Number three:

I lied, there is no number three. But Danny, let’s keep the love alive amongst X-treme aggressive downhill winter mountain sports guys, ok? You can always make fun of cross-country skiers, or those snow-cross dudes, right? And don’t get all pissy that I’m calling you out. I’m only serious.

On a 100 percent for-real serious note: Skateboarding lost one of its smoothest pros since my last column. Van Wastell has been high on my list of favorites for a while now. I learned two of my favorite tricks because I saw Van do them; if I can ever do them as well as he did them, I’ll be a happy little skateboarder. Though I never got a chance to meet him or skate with him, I’ll miss seeing new photos and clips,and skateboarding will certainly miss his relaxed style and unique tricks.

So, cheers, Van! Rip in peace.

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  1. Dizzle
    Dizzle says:

    everyone is missing the point on this. hes not talking about banning skiers from the pipe. he is talking about keeping snowboard contests run by snowboarders, not FIS who will undoubtably highlight the skiers in the pipe. skiers never rode pipe until they saw us doing it. it didn’t even occur to them. it would be a shame to see skiers getting more money and exposure than riders for winning pipe contests.

    as for the steroid thing, again everyone is missing the point. snowboarding is about style, not rotations and amplitude and timed runs/ those things come into play but without style you have nothing. this is the exact opposite of “steroid sports” that are all about faster, higher, longer etc

    lighten up people and don’t be so quick to bite the hands that feed you. its sad how much flack danny is getting for this, why are we so quick to come down on him for expressing his opinion

    skiing still sucks

  2. ORLY?
    ORLY? says:

    rip in peace?
    redundant statement is redundant.
    Although it is indeed sad to have such a great skater die so young.

    I would love to point out how drastically you misinterpreted what he said.. but dizzle already did a fantastic job of that.

    So my two cents is that if you want to be presumptious and read too much into things, then there is probably a shitty tabloid somewhere that would love to have you as a writer.
    you sir, have failed.

  3. Ryan L.
    Ryan L. says:

    Haha some people got their feelings hurt. That’s so cute, I love it when people get mad. Like Danny Kass gives a fuck what some article says, lighten up you dumbasses.

  4. cbp
    cbp says:

    Annie Fast has not much of an point, but Dizzle has with his comment.
    It’s 2 different sports. If I play table tennis I probably don’t want to have my competition side by side with a tennis game.

  5. Vinny
    Vinny says:

    Yeah some of you Jabronies don’t even need an education to hold an opinion, huh? Way to go. Your mothers will be proud. Danny hasn’t been the one balancing on the fence deciding which side to jump over, he’s been pole vaulting back and forth to both sides and taunting the enemies on the other since day 2. I mean c’mon, DC Devun jumped right over that forum fence to greener pastures and hasn’t looked back yet. Look how much publicity he’s gotten. DK is somethin like George W. “Let’s attack these hell bent terrorists!” (skiers in his case) then ends up getting side tracked by $250,000 annual nike contracts and burley goggle sag on his oakleys. Honestly stick with an opinion for once and tell me those Nike Boots aren’t a weeeee bit too cushy for your taste Danny. How did his brother get fired from grenade anyway? My point is, why should we waste our precious ear time on someone who wears sweatshirts that say “We Must Exploit!” to a ski/snowboard halfpipe free-for-all? What exactly are we trying to exploit? Establishment? Seems the winter olympics are quite the CEO’s in scheduling meetings and staying on task Mr. Danny Kissass. He has way more benjamins than I do so I guess he wins. Johnny Rotten should have directed his statement toward DK only and not the flip team. “Geniuses on their skateboards, but complete fucking idiots off them”. Damn DK would make a hell of a politician

  6. ORLY
    ORLY says:

    1. Grenade rocks your face off.
    2. Why would you have any idea who got fired and for what? your obviously just some zumiez shopper that thinks he knows the inner workings of the snowboarding industry, as well as marketing.

  7. nosauceforyou
    nosauceforyou says:

    i love how the people that talk about “keeping it core” shop from the brands that sell everything from surfing, skating, and snowboarding, to school supplies and for all i know ferris wheels.
    Core doesnt mean anything anymore, companies like quicksilver, vans, DC, all have thier fingers in so many different apparel and clothing lines. there is no “core”. “core” just means you were in business for 1 season

  8. Global Playboy
    Global Playboy says:

    If your good in skiing boarding skateboarding any sport for that matter you appreciate the top athletes in there respective sports.. I bet danny kass appreciates the top freeskiiers skies snowboard x skier x aerialist and the bunnys looking godess like in the lodge getting warm for you.. It is absolutely amazing what the top 5 half pipe skiers are doing on guy boosts 35 feet out of the qtr pipe simon dumont 1260s with style double backs with half twists switch 1080s and some stuff upside down I have no idea ..skiing helped snowboarding and snowboarding has helped skiing with the wider boards motivating skiers again to ski backwards they were doing it in the 70s by the way..How can you not appreciate herman maier and his training or the lifestyle growing up of another great athlete.

    Skiers freestyle and racing have either won first or 2nd in battle of superstars 6 yrs in a row and if they continue these battle of superstars hopefully a snowboarder steps in and dominates too Its all created by God and its on snow

    it is a lifestyle

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