Hump Day with Scotty Lago

Photo by ARR

Photo by ARR

In the olden days of snowboarding, riders could really specialize. You could be a just pipe rider, or a just park rat, and still have a career. But those days are gone, and if you wanna ride pro, you better be able to ride everything. Scotty Lago is one of the new crop that does just that. Depending on the day, he may be doing a pipe contest, hitting a super kicker, or even shredding backcountry lines. On top of being an all-around shredder, Scotty has another thing going for him. He’s just a really nice guy. He even put up with this dysfunctional YoBeat interview, done over iChat with numerous technical difficulties. Enjoy!

Brooke: Let’s start with the most important question. Do people ever ask you to leggo their eggo?

Scotty: (Laughing) Yeah, I get that every once and a while. They’re all, “Yo, leggo my eggo, and I’m all ok, whatever.”

BG: Have you come up with a clever response yet?

SL: I just tell them that I will.

Nick: I met a guy in Gov’y this summer who had apparently met you and was blown away by how “real” you were. Why do you think people expect you to be some weirdo celebrity?

SL: (Laughing) I guess they just think that if you’re pro or something that you got to be all weird, when in fact I’m just as normal as everyone else. I think it grows on the person when they see you in mags or vids.

NL: How was your HCSC Signature Session this season?

SL: The session was great, it was all of our first signature session so we didn’t know really what to expect, but we had such a good time.

NL: The “weâ€? you are referring to is the Frends crew. Who’s in it and what’s it about?

SL: It’s Danny (Davis), Mason (Aguirre), Kevin (Pearce), Jack and Luke (Mitrani), Keir (Dillon), and Me. We’re just all best friends for real and we travel together all the time. It just kinda evolved into the crew and I was a part of it.

NL: Are you going to switch to Burton? You seem to be the odd man out.

SL: (Laughing) No plans. Obviously everyone thinks that, but we don’t want that because then people would think it had something to do with Burton, and it doesn’t.

NL: So you are the only reason Frends isn’t a Burton gig. Is it scary?

SL: No pressure, in fact the frends crew is kinda about the opposite….chillin’ and havin’ a good time.

BG: Do the other guys make fun of you about your bindings?

SL: Yea they do, but who doesn’t. I love them and it honestly goes over my head. We’re always ragging on each other, I think it keeps us all on the same level.

NL: How did Keir get involved? Isn’t he like 50 and taking Sal’s place in the X Games?

SL: Yea, well we have all know Keir forever and we can all say that we have a ton of respect for him for sure, not only as a rider but as a businessman. We don’t hang with him as much, but he’s the man.

photo courtesy of Flow Snowboards

photo courtesy of Flow Snowboards

NL: Moving on, what is your favorite thing to do on a snowboard? Are you trying to fly to Salt Lake and hit rails or to Alaska to shoot the moon?

SL: Really I could do both, but my heart is in big mountain and hitting big jumps, hips, pipe, and cliffs. But I do love rails, don’t get me wrong.

(Nick’s internet crashed at this point so Brooke had to take control of the interview.)

BG: How did you get into big mountain stuff, growing up on the east coast, and all?

SL: Well I think it’s because all my idols are doing it (laughs.) Yea, I still have idols…

BG: What’s so funny about that? You are still young in the grand scheme of things…who are your idols?

SL: Travis Rice, Danny Kass, and (Kyle) Clancy.

BG: Ha, Clancy! Where did you grow up riding?

SL: I shredded all over the east coast. Pretty much a lot in Vermont, Waterville, New Hampshire, and at this little ski hill called Bradford. It’s in Massachusetts.

BG: That’s weird, living in NH and riding in Mass. Why would you do such a thing?

SL: Well I live in the southern most town in NH, so it’s not a far commute.

BG: What’s up with people in NH naming their kids Scotty? I mean, there’s you, Scotty Arnold…I guess that’s it, but still that’s a lot for one sport and one small state.

SL: (Laughing) There’s only one Scotty Lago….ok well I guess there is some talk show host in like, Spain, but he’s a loser.

Snake bite. Photo: ARR

Snake bite. Photo: ARR

(Nick called in a question.)

BG: So, why aren’t you afraid of “fucking super jumps?â€?

SL: I guess because I feel really confident in my jumping. I was always afraid of big jumps, but the more big jumps you hit, the mellower they get.

BG: What’s the biggest jump you’ve ever hit?

SL: (Laughing at us not with us) That sounded like a question a little kid would ask. Maybe a little over 100 feet.

BG: Did you just call me a little kid? Can you get me sponsored? Can you do backflips?

SL: No, it was a good question.

BG: Seriously, can you do backflips?

SL: The public needs to know huh?

BG: Yeah pretty much.

SL: Yup, I remember the first time I landed one. I was so young and just gripped, when I landed I just like cried. I was eight I think.

BG: How old were you when you started snowboarding?

SL: 7

BG: How old are you now?

SL: 20

BG: When is the big 2-1?

SL: Soon, in November.

BG: Are you excited? Any big plans?

SL: Super pumped, me, Mason, and Kevin are all turning 21 in the same week.

BG: So are the Frends going to take over Vegas?

SL: No, I think were going to Tampa, Fl. (Laughing) Weird, right? I’ve got a friend that is a club promoter and he’s going to make sure it goes off there.

BG: Have you ever been to Tampa before? That place is a shithole!

SL: Nice… that’s perfect. Never been before.

BG: You’ve been a few places cause of this snowboarding thing though. What’s the best place you’ve gotten to travel to?

SL: Yea for sure, and I’m very grateful for that… I would have to say Japan, love the people there. The people make the place for me. If they’re all dicks, then I hate the place, even if they make great wine and cheese.

Big in Japan. Photo courtesy Flow Snowboards

Big in Japan. Photo courtesy Flow Snowboards

(Scotty’s computer decided to crash, so we are now talking to him via Andrew Mutty’s machine.)

BG: So now that we are talking on Mutty’s ichat, what’s it like having the best TM in the biz?

SL: (Laughs) It’s great. Me and him are very aggressive, so that can get fun at times. We argue like fucking brothers.

BG: How do you get along with all the Euros on the team?

SL: Mutty said to hurry up, he’s got to use his computer. We get along great, I love them and they love me.

BG: Which one is your favorite?

SL: Antti, but don’t tell anyone.

BG: Too late. I already told everyone.

SL: Crap!

BG: So you are at the airport, where are you off to right now?

SL: Argentina, apparently it’s dumping there so I’m giggling like a little schoolgirl right now.

BG: Lucky.

SL: Yea, my flight got delayed so it looks like we’re going to miss our connection, and I’m in for another trip from hell (laughs.)

BG: Oh not lucky. Well, I guess we can wrap this up so Mutty can use his computer. You got anything else you’d like to say?

SL: Thanks to my parents, my grandparents, Scott Millette, my sweet sponsors and all my buddies. Oh, and keep it real to all the peeps. I hate fake people, I didn’t know what else to say.

BG: Well, have a great trip!

SL: Spank you, talk soon.

photo courtesy Flow Snowboards

photo courtesy Flow Snowboards