Nikita-rific Contest

Hey ladies! The weather is getting crisp out there, the days getting shorter and the underlying urge to put long underwear on and drink hot chocolate is sneaking into your subconscious. I know. It’s happening to us over here at Nikita too. So what’s a girl to do?

In celebration of the winter to come, we want to set one of you fine ladies up with a head-to-toe Nikita kit. We’re talking a ‘design your own ensemble’ opportunity here. It can be a pair of jeans, tee shirt, hoodie, hat and bag or a dress, sweater, backpack and scarf. Any outfit that you think will look hot. Check out to view the fall/winter line you will be choosing from.

All you have to do is go to and post a blog about your best shred story. Make it awesome and don’t forget to post photos with your epic tale. After that tell all your friends to visit your post and vote for you. The top three ladies with the most votes get thrown into the finals together. The Nikita team will take it from there and choose the babe who will win the brand new outfit. Deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2008.

Have at it ladies and get creative!

For more information contact [email protected]