Adrienne DeBoer at StudioNemo


Ladies and Gentleman Alex Mertz of Nemo Design fame has put together a little video for everyone. Nemo tends to have art shows, this is a little flick about one of them, and if you keep your eyes peeled you will see many an airblaster wandering about.

Alex had this to say, “On 9/5 StudioNemo was proud to present Adreinne DeBoers “The Preservation of Fleeting Moments.” Adrienne explains that she is compelled to create a memory that will be transformed into the tangible before it is too late. Were excited to have her work on our walls, come in to check it out this month.”

Give it a watch kids, it is September, this is what the industry folk is up to. Oh and be sure to check out the Nemo Design site, they are amazing at what they do.