Leaked Footage; Transworld’s These Days


For all of you out there trying to “go pro” or “make it” I have terrible news, it’s probably not going to happen. I just watched Transworld’s first snowboard release, These Days. My jaw dropped, my eyes popped, and I am actually blown away. All you Pros out there, collect those paychecks while you can, your time has come to an end.

For rail junkies this movie is a heavenly experience. Nick Dirks, Louif Paradis, Jed Anderson, and a few other wizards just showed everyone where they should be in the rail game. New tricks, new ways to do old tricks, and new ways to just do what we all call snowboarding will leave you scratching your head. To put it bluntly the tricks I thought were bangers last year are safety tricks this year.

Jumpers, don’t feel left out, this flick is packed with deep powder action and massive park jumps. Even the rail riders have jump shots in this movie that will blow away your pathetic little sponsor me tape. In my opinion though, keep an eye out for Baker local Lucas Debari. I’m convinced he is a demon, his music choice is great, and his snowboarding is balls out and dangerous just like it should be.

These Days has a bit of everything, it reminds me of the good old days when a snowboard movie was actually fun to watch. Joe Carlino really knows how to make a movie, not just edit a couple of parts together. No slow-mo, fisheye, make that 8-stair look like a 40 crap, this movie is raw. These Days might just be the best release of the year. Run out and grab a copy of this flick the second it hits the shelves because these are the best riders These Days.

Rider List:

Chad Otterstrom, Jonas Carlson, Nick Dirks, Dustin Craven, Lucas Debari, Robbie Walker, Jonas Michilot, Louif Paradis, Tim Eddy, and a slew of friends.

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  1. shredface
    shredface says:

    did u even watch the movie or just read a twsnow press release? there was plenty of slow-mo and plenty of fish-eye. in fact it was edited exactly like a tw skate vid. and no it wasn’t that good. the good parts were lucas debrai, jed anderson and jonas micholot(sp?). otherwise this vid was average at best. compared to last years killer rookie movie, otterstrom’s “keep talkin”, it was boring. too bad his part or dirks part weren’t as good this year.

  2. Ryan L.
    Ryan L. says:

    Ha Ha Ha, Shredface you are an idiot. First of all my friend “Keep Talking” was a horrible movie. An absolute joke that many of the riders starring in felt was unwatchable. Second my little buddy, if you have any experience with snowboard history you would have known that a slow mo reference in snowboarding (not skateboarding) means that the entire movie didn’t have the feel of an older Mack Dawg or Burton project. And for the record Dirks’s part was hammer time. Last year he had a few good shots, a massive banger, and a sea of bullshit. This year he had a plethora of bangers, great jump shots, and I am almost positive you could not duplicate even one shot. If you can, please dear god send it to Yobeat, have them put it up, prove that you aren’t a massive idiot.

  3. futurescape
    futurescape says:

    i have to agree with ryan there shredface…but the kids roaming these blogs leaving clueless ‘expert’ opinions are almost as amusing as the original posts. i’m a total vid snob and i was so impressed with my first peak at the TWS vid last night in reno. amaaazing riding, sound track, and overall vibe.

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