The Photo Shoot Off

So we’re trying something new here at YoBeat. Instead of us choosing the photo every week, we want to give you the control. So we’re gonna post two photos and let you choose your favorite. At the end of the week, the one with the most votes gets to hang out as the reigning champ and attempt to fend off another image. If a photo remains victorious for a whole month, it will be retired into a to-be-created champion’s archive where it will forever live in YoBeat infamy.

Think your photo is up to the challenge? We’d love to check it out. Send all submissions, as jpegs, to [email protected] If your shot passes the test, it may just be the next one featured in the YoBeat Photo Shoot Off. Without further ado:

Photo 1

Photo by Max Mayfield; Rider Tyler Verigan

Photo 2

Photo By Darcy Bacha

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