Hump Day with Joe Carlino


Joe Carlino (pictured in the middle) has the job everyone else wants.

For years Transworld Skateboarding has been releasing skate flicks that have blown minds and reshaped skateboarding. Those skate vids have launched the careers of many of today’s big name skate guys. This year Transworld Snowboarding finally realized that their big brother was doing things better than they were. So boom, Transworld’s first snowboard video got kick started. Joe Carlino is the mastermind behind Transworld’s “These Days” and I figured whoever they put in charge must be amazing, so it’s interview time.

NL: Ok, so who are you?

JC: Like my name and stuff?

NL: Yeah.

JC: My parents named me Joesph Richard Carlino. I grew up outside of New York City, an hour north. Lived on the East coast until I was 18, then I moved to Big Bear for the winters. I moved back and forth (winter in Bear, summer in NY) for 3 years.

NL: Where did you ride on the ice coast?

JC: I grew up skiing at Mt Snow in VT. Then when I started boarding it was at Sugarbush, VT. Then I moved to bear.

NL: Why Bear, you afraid of nature?

JC: Well I would always see Snow Summit/Bear in the Mack Dawg movies and it was the total opposite from the East coast, warm, soft, sunny, jumps and rails everywhere. So after a winter of living in Burlington two friends and I just did it.

NL: So how did you get into filming?

JC: Like most kids I started shooting on my parents camcorder. I was really into photography when I was in high school, and then my senior year I did an internship at this wedding video company, from there I got really into it. After high school I moved to Burlington to “take a year off” from school. I got ahold of this guys Todd Franzen at 411 video mag and started submitting footage to them. Later that winter I got my first shot in a video, it was an opener of Chris Acker doing a big wood rail in VT. Like I said, after that winter I moved to Bear and while I was driving out there my mom saw on their website Bear Mtn. was looking for someone to do web movies. Brad Farmer (from Future Snowboardmag) was the marketing guy at the time, and I just kept bothering him till he gave me the job.

JC: I can keep going…

NL: Do it.

JC: So from working at Bear, Evan LeFebvre, who was interning at Transworld, and I met. Evan is from San Deigo. So we met and one day he was like, “Hey we should post your Bear videos on” I was so hyped. From there Evan got me more involved in doing videos at Transworld. Then he got me a job 2 years ago, and now here I am.

Joe and Evan, dressed for the beach.

NL: Was that the beginning of the Sunday In The Park stuff?

JC: Sunday in the park was started by Justin Meyer who took over my job when I left. I was living with Justin for the 3 winters I lived in Big Bear.

NL: So now that you are at Transworld what do you do exactly? What are all the responsibilities your title holds?

JC: Where do I start? My job title is “video production manager”. Evan started calling my job the “video fairy”, but that’s not true. Right now, I’m managing the video projects (These Days action film, 20 tricks vol2). I do everything from paying filmers, shooting, editing, ideas, buying stuff, dealing with music rights, etc, etc. It gets crazy sometimes, but Corey Koniniec and Gary Milton are also here to help for the greater part of the year. They get down on the editing, find songs, get footage… The 3 of us produced, directed and edited “These Days”. I just have to deal with a little more office stuff, like budgets, ads, sales the stuff that makes you stress out.

NL: So when you left the east were you thinking pro snowboarder, big house, fast cars, filthy women? Or did you have your eyes set on videography from the beginning?

JC: Honestly I didn’t know what I was doing. I just left and was like, I will get a job and try to shoot. Location and meeting people helps so much when trying to break into this industry. Like being in Big Bear I met Mike McCintier, the Neoproto guys, the Burton filmers, the photogs, everyone. But yea, I was not looking to be pro, I wanted to shoot videos, that’s what would get me hyped.

NL: So would you say that These Days is your first big project?

JC: Yes for sure. Justin and I would make promo DVDs for Bear, but this is the first one I put everything into. Like every moment of my life, I wouldn’t stop thinking about this movie unless I was asleep, but I even had dreams sometimes about it. I would think about editing when I drove, I would try to edit to songs in my head. I’m weird sometimes, but this is my life, it’s more than a job to me.

NL: What was it like tackling such a big project? I say big because it was your first full length deal, and second it was Transworlds first snowboard flick.

JC: It was wild, I don’t know how we did it. What was cool was everyone at Transworld helped. Like the art directors do the ads and box design, the photogs are always down to shoot, Liam, Annie, Joel and Ben are always down to write stuff, Corey and Gary worked their asses off, the sales guys got sponsors, its a big group effort you know. It’s awesome to have the support of everyone.

NL: What was the best part about tackling this thing, any high points stand out for you?

JC: The best part….. Honestly everyday of my life has been the best part since I started working on this. Everything was new to me. A lot was new to the riders we picked. The best times would be when the riders and I would work super hard to get a shot. Like Louif would try a trick over and over and I would find a cool angle, he would land the trick and I would be just as hyped if not more then him. It felt like I landed the trick ya’ know, I felt what he felt. It’s amazing sometimes.

JC: But on the other side I can tell you about my stress attack which is the down side to all of this.

NL: Yeah, let’s hear the heart attack stuff.

JC: Like you said, it’s Transworlds 1st snowboard movie.

NL: Yeah big pressure.

JC: Somehow Transworld let me make it. I sat here and was like, “What the fuck, I don’t know what I’m getting myself into.” So I have all this pressure from myself and the “Transworld” name over my head. I’m just a normal guy, I got into shooting just like all the other kids, I didn’t go to school for this. After we were done shooting we were editing all weird house, like I would go to sleep when I felt like I couldn’t edit anymore, then sometimes I would wake up at 3 a.m. and have an idea so I would put my clothes on and head to the office to work. That lasted for a few weeks.

NL: That’ll take a toll on the body.

JC: Well, one day I edited like midnight to 8a.m. or 9. I went home and slept, got up later that day to get food, and rode my bike to the deli. I went in to order and felt sick like I was going to throw up. I started heading to the bathroom then fainted. I woke up with a broken tooth and my chin cut open. The ambulance came and a fire truck. They took me to the hospital and did tests, but didn’t find anything. It must have been everything just added together over the last 8 months. I just shut down or something.

Yeah, Joe has all the neat toys.

NL: Back to the movie. You said “we” picked the rider list. How much of a role did u have in the final list.

JC: All 3 of us (me, Corey, and Gary) all had to agree on the riders. It was up to us 100%.

NL: Where there any riders you just knew you had to have?

JC: Ummm, it was hard at first. I think Nick (Dirks) and Chad (Otterstrom) were the first ones on board. I have been a fan of Nick since he was shooting with Chad last year, and Chad is a legend, he taught us all so much.

NL: How about Louif, how did he get in there? I had never heard of him until this year, and well we all know how amazing he is now.

JC: My friend Java is the TM at Salomon and Bonfire. He was like I got this kid in Quebec. It was Louif, who is sooooo insane.

NL: Yeah Louif will be well known really soon.

JC: He would do something perfect, but in his head it wasn’t, like his hair looked weird or something so he would redo it better somehow. Like he would do something perfect, then make it more than perfect if you can understand that. I had so much fun shooting with him this season, he is a wizard.

NL: So what is in your future? How do you follow this up?

JC: I have so many more ideas in my head and I know I can make something better. I need to get those ideas out of my brain. I had thoughts in my head over the summer that maybe making movies was not what I wanted. But now that its done, I want more. Hopefully I get more opportunities to be able to do this. I’m super grateful that Transworld gave me this chance, I can’t thank them enough.

NL: So is a movie set for this winter? Or just little projects?

JC: There will be a new movie from Transworld…

NL: And your behind it once again?

JC: Correct

NL: Well Joe, what is your preferred camera?

JC: I would rather use the Sony Vx2000 then HD. I got over HD this year, it’s to fake. It works well for MDP and what they do, but I want it more raw and real.

NL: And favorite location to film?

JC: Quebec hands down is the best

NL: Maybe we’ll all get up there someday. Thanks for your time.

JC: No prob thank you.

Seriously, the job has its perks.

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