The Downfall of Snowboard-only Outerwear

Could this be the future of snowboarding now?


Recently YoBeat laid its eyes on the spring ‘09 catalog of one of the most influential outerwear companies of all time. Yes, this is strange not only because it’s 2008, but because an outerwear company has a spring line. You know, spring, when you are usually shedding your outerwear. Anyway, held within said PDF was a disturbing new trend in “snowboard gear.” We’re talking about sports bras, board shorts and MMA gloves and shorts. I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to get free underwear from their sponsor, but we think the motives of said company may not just be to stoke out the riders.

This new catalog, complete with polo shirts, looks more like a look book for Abercrombie and Fitch than a company known for debauchery (and not for surfing.) This may be the beginning of a new chapter, we’re sure that’s what said company is hoping anyway. But either the industry will walk away, or even scarier, follow suit. Who knows what the Zumiez crowd will buy (and Yobeat is willing to guess the mall chain didn’t object to the concept of boardshorts from this particular brand.)

So yeah, the corporate take over is great when you want a company to stay afloat in a poor economy, but if you don’t stick to your ideals, will anyone buy it? And seriously, MMA? What are they going to do, sponsor Tito Ortez? YoBeat thinks that maybe outerwear companies should concentrate on making outerwear that makes it through a whole season, not board shorts.

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  1. Darcy
    Darcy says:

    not to worried about this trend ever catching on, unless people are trying to go out of there way to make them selfs look awkward.. oh wait people have been doing that for years.

  2. MH
    MH says:

    I was thinking Grenade, I know they definitely do the MMA thing. Anyone know for sure? And I thought Burton has been trying to be a more than just snowboarding company for years.

  3. Huckleberry Hart
    Huckleberry Hart says:

    I am sponsored by American Eagle. And they make bras and boardshorts and all of this. They also sell a nice polo shirt that has a permanently popped collar – it saves me a lot of time.

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Ummm, Thank you for visiting YoBeat. But sadly your information is wrong. You are obviously not in the loop. Better luck next time and we applaud your efforts.

  5. Олежка
    Олежка says:

    Тема Ñ?та Ñ?тараÑ? конечно же, но прочитал Ñ? удовольÑ?твием 🙂

  6. Lukas
    Lukas says:

    well at least on the upside its not as bad as fashion and skiers haha at least snowboard fashion is much more comfortable!

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    ricyexteclick says:

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