Hump Day with Harrison Gordon


Two years ago I met a quiet kid from Southern California named Harrison. He had come up to Portland, Oregon to ride Mt. Hood with some other California types and seemed like a really nice guy. Who knew just two years later he would be one of the smoothest Am’s out there? Clean style and a big bag of tricks on both jumps and handrails set Harrison apart from the run of the mill huckfest kids. I know because he’s spun way over my head and grabbed some sweet nicknames. Best thing about Harry though is his attitude. You won’t see him lacing up his “fresh new kicks”, tilting his hat sideways, or getting all flashy with any of that flare crap. Harrison just gets dressed, goes out, and has a good time. A super refreshing rider with a great part in Gold Country, keep your eye out for the young Harrison Gordon.

Alright, what did your mother name you? How old are you?

Harrison: Harrison James Gordon. The big 20.

Biggest influence?

Harrison: Skateboarding. A mixture of Emerica, Baker/Deathwish, Justin Schulte, Torey Pudwill, and Zach Wagner.

How do you feel about Lance (Part Ashbury Owner) calling you a dirty name on ichat?

Harrison: I feel comfortable with that.

This winter you filmed with Team Thunder for “Gold Country.” How did you get involved with that crew, and where did it take you?

Harrison: I got involved by meeting Will Tuddenham and a few other Thunderers at Windells, but I started to really know them this winter when Desiree and my other friends convinced me to Utah.

So will you star in the flick? Did you get a part filmed?

Harrison: I got a part, but this is my first one, and I didn’t really know what I was doing.

Congratulations on popping your cherry, I’m sure it will be good. Anyway, Team Thunder is a unique group. Any wild times happen with those guys?

Harrison: We did a lot of fun stuff besides snowboarding. I don’t know though, we did go on a really sweet RV trip with lots of beer, In-n-Out, and sleeping in cramped spaces.

I’m surprised anyone gave you guys an RV, how was the trip?

Harrison: The thunder guys got it all lined up for all of us. We went to Utah, Mammoth, Tahoe, and all the skateparks we could find along the route.

You must have loved stopping in Mammoth, I hear you have history there?

Harrison: Mammoth is the first place I ever snowboarded, I always loved it there. When I got out of high school I moved up there with my friends.

Where did you move from? Where were you before Mammoth?

Harrison: I moved from LA where my parents live, Woodland Hills to be exact.

How’s the neighborhood? Is your house surrounded by Actors, Porn stars, or Gangsters?

Harrison: It’s a good neighborhood. It’s nice, but yeah, the valley is the porno area.

Only the best for Ashbury Am’s.

A lot of kids know you as Hardway Harry. Are you really down for “hardway” tricks or something?

Harrison: (Laughing) Umm… I’m not that down with “hardway”. My friend Evan LeFebvre used that in a caption on twsnow as a joke. After it came out all my friends gave me shit about it.

You’re known for having a lot of nicknames, any others kids should know about?

Harrison: Well I can really only think of two, Hardway Harry and Boardin’ Gordon. I really don’t like either of them, but I’m pretty sure most people probably aren’t psyched on nicknames. My friends made them up though so it’s okay.

I’ve heard people (Lance Hakker) call you “The Real Flying Tomato” and “Lindsay Lohan’s Crotch.” Do you like those nicknames?

Harrison: (Laughing) I’m down with those ones. At least those are pretty funny. Lance doesn’t even need a funny nickname because his name is Lance.

You tend be a low key guy, no flashy headbands or watches. In the days of triple bandanas, gold shoelaces, wild colors, and diamond earrings why don’t you feel the pressure to have a “cool guy” personality like a lot of guys?

Harrison: (Laughing) I think maybe if I was doing more contests or trying to impress everyone on the hill all the time then I’d be more concerned with that stuff. Not being a “cool guy” is easy because those are exactly the guys that ruin the fun in snowboarding/skateboarding.

Hands off ladies, he’s taken.

Ten years ago you were turning and burning on the Boardercross courses. What are your feelings towards contests these days?

Harrison: That I’ll only do the ones that sound fun to me. When I was little I did the nationals and the USASA stuff, but it just gets old. Now that I’m 20 I feel stupid doing Peanut Butter Rail Jams with 10 year olds who can do every combo.

Combo rail trickery, 1260s, what do you think about all that?

Harrison: I think that it sucks. I appreciate that people are pushing themselves to spin around like that, but somethings look good to me and some don’t. What I think doesn’t matter though as long as they have a good time and don’t kill themselves in the process.

Where are you trying to take your snowboarding?

Harrison: I just want to get better at it. I see a lot of my friends who are way better than me and I just want to be as good as them because it looks really fun. I really like traveling too, thats mainly what I’d like to do.

Who gets you excited about snowboarding? Who are these standout friends?

Harrison: Mac/Sam Spedale, Scott Blum, The Crewsayders, Jarad Hadi, Nick Dirks, Desiree, Will Tuddenham, there’s a lot of em’. It’s hard because everyone who I know from snowboarding is amazing at snowboarding.

Where can kids run into you next year, and what are your plans?

Harrison: I’m going to live in Salt Lake City again and I’d like to take full advantage of the powder and handrails that are out there. I’ll be traveling and filming too.

Any solid film plans yet?

Harrison: None, I doubt anything too solid will happen but we’ll see. I’m going to being doing a lot of stuff regardless.

Who sends you cool stuff? Who are the sponsors?

Harrison: Ashbury, Val Surf, Airblaster, Ambiguous, and Ride help me out.

Last question. Do you think you look like Brett Butcher when you have a beard?

Harrison: (Not Laughing) No I don’t, but apparently everyone else does.

Harrison Gordon, not Brett Butcher.

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  1. Sickels
    Sickels says:

    Lohan’s crotch…i have to take credit for that one…Harrison shaved the same week those photos were released of her….it was perfect timing! TM’s appoint the best nicknames! But its true… picture Lindsey wearing nothing but Ashbury googles as a belt and presto?

  2. rosy conenthal
    rosy conenthal says:

    Hey harrison! I am at deseree’s house and her bird is making the craziest noises….also her cat sounds like a crying baby. WTF…..

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