Can You Feel the Thunder?


Lock up your daughters and hide your sons Team Thunder is rolling through town. I sat down with Mike Comrie and Sean McCormick, two of the heros behind Team Thunder’s new release “Gold Country.” We shot the shit on everything from nipples to lady farts. By the time our conversation had died I was convinced this movie will be dirty, filthy, and the most pleasurable release of fall 2008. An awe inspiring trip down the gutters of the snowboard universe. No heli-cams or helmets here folks, “Gold Country”will leave you with a creative drive to push the limits, get with friends, and do things your own way. To quote Mike, “Can you feel the Thunder?” I sure can, because I’ve been surrounded by it.

So who are you guys? What are your rolls in Team Thunder?

Sean: Well, I am part owner and part filmer/Editor for Team Thunder Productions.

Mike: Mike Comrie. I’ve been doing production/business/marketing for TT since January. I’m also Canadian, handsome, wicked smart, and newly single. Ladies?

I’ve heard of Team Thunder for years, but I had never seen a full length flick. How did you guys get “Gold Country” together?

Mike: Our first choice was actually Golden Shower Country. Our distributor made us tone it down a bit.

Sean: This year we actually got help from Mike to get us sponsors and it turned out to be an awesome film, I loved making it.

How was the RV trip Team Thunder took?

Mike: The RV trip was a radical marketing ploy/vacation.

Sean: We went from Salt Lake City to shitty Southern Utah, then to Vegas where we gambled. After that we drove through Death Valley, to find some snow and have some fun. We also went to Mammoth and Northstar.

Mike: The RV smelled like a mixture of old Doritos and dog shit by the time we got back.

I hear Death Valley is the place for snowboarding these days. How was Desiree Melancon (Team Thunders resident lady) on the RV?

Mike: She farted more than anyone.

Desiree can definitely hang with the worst.

MIke: Yeah, makes you wonder what Harrison is into. Actually, everyone already thinks that Des is way gnarly (which is true), but she is still a lady. We were reminded of this in Mammoth when she made us stop at a store to  buy two huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I somehow ended up with the hair products at my house. Two massive bottles. My hair is clean as shit! Thanks Desiree!

Weird. So who else drives the Thunder?

Sean: Will Tuddenham, Ben Gustafson, Cody Comrie, Harrison Gordon, Desiree Melancon, Jake Welch, Eric Fernandez, Martin Campbell, Lance Muchado, Jarad Hadi and a few cameo riders. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

Lance’s new tattoo is great. Is the movie great? Why should people buy a copy?

Mike: Well, for one thing, the movie is filled with hot babes.

Sean: It is something people with not a lot of money can relate too. Finding something out of nothing, and there are awesome riders in Gold Country.

Mike: …that too, I guess.

Lance Muchado tells it like it is and has ink to prove it.

Where are the babes?

Sean: After the credits.

Mike: Like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Full frontal?

Mike: I’m not going to lie, there is some topless bathing portrayed in the film.

Sean: Nipples and all.

Great snowboarding, great team, nudity, dirt, an RV trip? This movie sounds raw, and thank god for it. Where can we see it?

Sean: Premiers in SLC, Pop Magazine in Australia is doing one as well, and more to come.

If you can’t make the premier where is the best place for the kids to get a glimpse of some titty?

Sean: You can order it online at

Mike: Yeah, what he said.

Sean: Hop on the thunder train, for a glimpse of our trailer.

Mike: …and don’t forget to go to to get a glimpse of Sean’s ass.

Well boys, any last words about team thunder or the movie?

Mike: TT x BozWreck, collaboration in the works.

Sean: Ha, everybody involved would die.

Mike: Feel the Thunder!

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