Jonas Michilot and the Dew Tour Rail Jam

The 08/09 rail jam season started off with a dud this weekend in Portland, Oregon. The Dew Tour put on a night time rail jam that consisted of a flat down box and a short down rail. To say this event was weak, or boring, is an understatement. Out of the ten or so riders who were supposed to show up only five did, and only one was worth watching.

Chris Rotax showed up and spun around on the box a bunch. I remember a few years ago that was the thing to do, now it just looks silly. Mike Casanova showed up, tried some tricks, and probably won, it was still super boring though. There were two other tricksters as well. I don’t know their names because they weren’t any fun to watch, but one of them is from Mammoth and wears a huge shirt, the other one was a Nike 6.0 kid. They were both into on going sideways.

Jonas Michilot, a hot sweaty mess.

The reason I stayed for the duration of the rail jam was Jonas Michilot. Jonas had a late start because he got lost in the parking garage of the Rose Garden. By the look of things he had also gotten lost in a closet.

Jonas came out with a 12 inch stance, a bandaged wrist (covered by an oven mitten), and a big smile. Jonas turned the rail jam upside down. While everyone was getting serious, and trying to grab that super awesome cash prize Jonas focused on having a good time and getting the crowd laughing.

Crash, Bang, Boom, Look at the distance between Jonas’s knees.

Watching the boy wonder (Jonas) rocket down the ramps, crash into the barriers, and try to tweak as hard as possible off the setup jumps was great, but he unleashed some serious craziness on the rails too. I know backside 180s are becoming a stock trick, but who else does them with a 12 inch stance? Same goes for 270s. Jonas even locked a solid front board with that knee knocking stance.

It’s blurry because he is going so fast, duh.

It is safe to say that Jonas was not only the crowd favorite, but my favorite. The rest of the rail jam was a waste of time, but at least the skiers got our sloppy seconds.

After the Jam Jonas and I talked about his stellar performance and views on the rail jam.

Me: Wow, that was lame, how do you feel about all that?

Jonas: Great clown show. I’m glad I came here to be a megastar.

Me: A megastar?

Jonas: Yeah for Mountain Dew, Nike 6.0, Panasonic, etc., … (Jonas somehow named every sponsor that supports the Dew Tour).

Me: How did you do that?

Jonas: Look around, this place is a giant Banner. Banners everywhere.

Me: What’s up with the stance?

Jonas: The 12 inch stance made it fun, this isn’t snowboarding anyway.

People love this guy.

And with that Jonas started signing autographs, answering questions for NBC and other stuff, and living the life of a megastar, until his ride got there anyway.

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  1. big boner
    big boner says:

    how big is your boner for jonas michilot. a full woody it sounds like.
    prolly got that kid to get that peiceof paper signed for you

  2. austin
    austin says:

    boardin needs more j-baby. fun, crazy, and a blast to hang with.

    check out Airblaster’s new movie August for more Jonas along with tons of other friends.

  3. realdealhollyfield
    realdealhollyfield says:

    airblaster and jonas are way too fucking zaney! it’s clown shit man, only 5 year olds buy into it.

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