Vice Magazine and Snowboarding Collide

Kill your television and turn on the net. The infamous Vice magazine created an online televison channel a while ago, you can see it at ( On August 25th 2008 and Vice magazine invite you to dig out your old hot pink neoprene gear from your parents’ attic and get ready for our snowboarding show “Powder and Rails.”

Check out the trailer for Powder and Rails -

The series will delve through the storied history of the sport with an emphasis on how it transformed from a novelty for yuppie two-plankers to something bored skateboarders did in the winter to one of the most anticipated events in the Olympic Games.

This VBS series begins with the legendary Fall Line Films releases in the late ’80s, particularly The Western Front. The videos shifted the focus of snowboarding, inspiring a whole generation to forget about contests and focus more on tricks and mountain exploration. They also helped, plant the seeds for the proliferation of professional snowboarders over the next two decades.

“Powder and Rails” will kick off its first season with 10 weekly episodes, which will air ever every Monday. The show will feature some of snowboarding’s most noteworthy personalities, including: Damian Sanders, Jeff Brushie, Tom Burt, Trevor Graves, Steve Graham, Todd Richards, Mack Dawg, Jeremy Jones (jib), Dave Seoane, Pat Bridges, Mike Hatchett, and tons more.

Moving forward, the show will explore the popularization of snowboarding in the ’80s through today, the ever-changing trends of snowboard culture, and the sport’s incessant technical progression. Think of it as a giant avalanche of blinding white knowledge that will blanket your eyes with every single relevant factoid and point of interest that has ever happened in snowboarding.

Yeah it’s going to freakin’ awesome!