Dew Tour Skate Finals

Day two of the Dew Tour was brutal. The sun beat down hotter and heavier, the crowds were larger, fatter, and sweatier, and gallons of neon liquid pumped through the veins of every man, woman, and child. Kids treat this liquid sugar like drunks treat their first brew of the day. Thankfully for these Dew-aholics there was a Mountain Dew bar, complete with Dew shots in a variety of colors and flavors. I witnessed countless creatures be cut off from their sweet nectar, thank god they had somewhere to go.

The street skating finals were packed two hours before the contest started. Eventually the Dew Tour staff decided to open the Rose Garden, and the JumboTron, to allow the thousands of fans without seats a way to catch the action via a live feed. I was thrilled that the street park didn’t have more seating because when Sheckler made his appearance the squeal of little girls became overbearing. The media bench went deaf, Ryan and the other riders laughed, and the announcer swore to the crowd that one little girl actually passed out screaming for Ryan.

Eventually those little brats shut up and the finals got started. Each rider got two runs, with the top six riding in a seven minute jam session afterwards. Each rider had something exciting to put into the mix, but no one was as cool as Dayne Brummet, he rode to Judas Priest. Speaking of awesome, Chaz Ortiz is on his way to taking over skateboarding. This 14 year old had a bigger bag of tricks than the big boys and put down the biggest kickflip and 360 flip in the competition. You will definitely be seeing more of Ortiz in the future.

This was mellow in the Ortiz book.

Chris Mendez, one of three PlanB riders in the finals, was having the best lap of his life before some pork bellied kid sweating Mountain Dew through his sticky little pours dropped a deck in the landing of the three block. Good thing Mendez was on his last trick, 360 flip the three block, and had no idea a land mine had been planted. Chris obviously didn’t make that last trick and its a damn shame.

Kurtis Colamonico on the attack.

Other notable wizardry was performed by Austen Seaholm, Kurtis Colamonico, and Fabrizio Santos. Austen is one of the most creative skaters I’ve ever seen. Combo’s on ledges, flawless flip tricks, 270 flips out of this and that, and a one wheel wheelie? The guy has a style unlike any other. Kurtis Colamonico, the tattooed hellion, dropped the first flawless run. Big gaps, fast skating, and a solid bag of tricks got this guy a seat in the finals. Farbizio “The Breezeâ€? Santos is just a fun guy to watch. Huge smiles, great style, and a loose attitude make this guy a crowd favorite no matter how he places.

Austen Seaholm is butter.

The big three, Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez, and Greg Lutzka placed in the top three, just like you, I, and everyone else thought they would. Sheckler won, which is surprising because Greg always wins in Portland. The millionaire did what he had to do though, no denying it, no discrediting it, Ryan won by a long shot. If it wasn’t deafening the entire time he was skating you probably would have heard Jesus clapping.

Sheckler mid kickflip frontboard.

Paul Rodriguez strolled around the park almost too relaxed. This guy was on fire, blunts, smiths, nollie heels, whatever, he just rolled around like he was in a 74’ Cadillac, smooth and slow. After the contest we got to talking and I agreed to hype again if he would pose for a picture you get to see later. So there you go Paul, hyped in print. After the contest I ran into that one guy from Sheckler’s show, the old guy, maybe an agent or a hired hit man, either way he supported sk8site too, so he’s good to go.

P-rod frontside flip over some neon.

The smooth and loose Greg Lutzka had a good time cruising around and getting a cool podium spot. The guy learned one footed k-grinds yesterday and put it into his lap today. I seriously think he is three for three with that trick. No wonder Toyota sponsors him.

Lutzka, a quick learner.

The village shut down after all the kiddies got their shirts, shoes, faces, and braces signed by their favorite skaters. Sheckler set up a solo autograph signing, needless to say security was tight. A sea of people stormed Ryan, but his security detail, family, and manager kept them from getting too close. A mile long line formed, and thousands waiting while Ryan practiced writing his name. Once everyone was satisfied the BMX dirt finals got underway. It was boring. After that a concert took place in the Rose Garden, but I heard the sound check and decided I would rather go home.

Saturday Night is the rail jam, I’ll be there, you’ll read about it first on Yobeat, and I’ll laugh that people are in snowboard gear when it’s 80 degrees out and Burnside is three blocks away. Scroll down for more photos from the day…

Danny Fuenzalida leaning into it.

Mendes was killing it before fatty dropped the deck onto the course.

Lutzka rides for Toyota, gets interviewed by NBC, I think you call that the good life.

Sorry Ryan, but your mom is cute.

The Breeze, check back Monday for the new promo shot.

Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner!

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