Easy Living with Nima Jalali

Summertime pirate

Summertime pirate

Southern California is oddly enough the capital of snowboarding. Many company and magazine headquarters are down there, the European riders buy homes there, and of course Nima Jalali has been there since day one. During the summer most snowboarders are “taking it easy,” chasing kiwi winters, or stationed in the Northwest on some overused glacier. Nima can be found just hanging out, skating and lapping his Cadillac all over the streets of Los Angeles. I was curious as to what a pro snowboarder who calls LA home does during the summer. So I found out.

Me: Welcome to YoBeat Nima, what are you up to this time of year?

Nima: Workin on Ashbury shit has taken up most of my time, but mainly just hangin’ out, livin’ the permanent vacation life. Seven day weekend.

Me: What is Ashbury, and who runs it?

Nima: Myself, Mike, and Lance Hakker run it. The three of us felt that there wasn’t a goggle company that kids could relate to in snowboarding, so we decided to step right in. We also love sunglasses, and we were over not finding high quality shades at skate shops. We’re about to announce the skate team by the way.

Me: I heard about Richie Jackson and Lizard King joining Ashbury.

Nima:Ha, yeah, that’s not supposed to be announced yet…but who cares really.

Me: You aren’t known as a big outerwear guy. How has your new sponsor L1 been at meeting your needs?

Nima:L1 is amazing, they’re the only snow company whose pants fit perfectly right out of the bag. They really know what’s up over there.

Me: You’ve never been one for summer snowboarding or been an endless winter kind of guy. Why don’t you show interest in the snow chase scene?

Nima: It’s not a decision, it’s just that I live in LA and I snowboard at Bear Mtn. I grew up here, not in the Northwest or Tahoe where you get powder all the time. To me, snowboarding is all about riding the snowboard park. I always promise myself that I’ll have more jump shots each year, but all these rail trips pile up and before you know it…shit is done. I love jumping and watching people jump in video parts, but I think rails and street snowboarding make video parts more interesting. This is how I feel about snowboarding, but I have close friends that don’t even like to watch rails…

Me: We watched your style of riding in MDP’s We’re People Too last year and you filmed one of the most unique parts to date. Did you get a chance to film this year?

Nima: Nah I was hurt.

Me: What happened?

Nima: I had three knee operations. One at the beginning of the season and it put me out for the rest of the season, but the knee is fine now.

Me: Good to hear that knee is better. Do you have any plans to film for next year?

Nima: Yeah for sure.

Me: Are you planning on staying with MDP?

Nima:Yeah, Pierre makes the best films and is easy to work with. It’s like filming with your homie.

Me: So you spend your winters flying around for some snowboarding in northern cities, but I hear you are a huge Lakers fan. What’s up with the Laker love do you get to any games?

Nima: Pretty much if you live in LA, you’re a Laker fan. Growing up in the 80’s my pops had season seats to Laker games, so we would go all the time. One of my favorite things to do is go to a Laker game, and go out afterwards.

Me: So with all of this going on, what is the best part about being Nima?

Nima: Blunts, bitches, big screen TV’s, my Cadillac, shit like that.

Me: Good Style. Up and coming riders, who do you have your eye on?

Nima: Joey Sexton and LNP are it right now. You can’t sleep on Nick Dirks, Harrison Gordon, Ben Bilocq, and Cale Zima either, those kids are about to take over mine and a lot of pro’s paychecks.

Me: Agreed, Dirks is really on the come up.

Nima:Yeah, Dirks got style and class.

Me: Ok Nima who’s paying the bills?

Nima: Artec, L1, Ashbury, Flux, Ambiguous, Bear Mtn., 32/Etnies, and Elm help pay the bills.

Check up on Nima and Ashbury at www.Ashburyeyewear.com, or just go have a look at any of the NeoProto or MDP People flicks.

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  1. Jackson
    Jackson says:

    Oh you’re so sick Nima. Hell yes. Remember me? We met at Bear on the lift, you were sick that day.

  2. brandon
    brandon says:

    knee surgeries, LA, blunts n bear..i cant help but think im following in your footsteps nima…thanksn for inspiration

  3. DRAN
    DRAN says:

    I think Nima is sick and his DWP part was epic but i can tell you for sure the northwest is the place to be…100% core snowboarding going on up here

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