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Since the dawn of YoBeat the promo section has stood as the benchmark in shameless self-promotion. Anyone with pro status, screaming fans, or a shot at greatness was given a slip of paper and forced into promoting a site that they did or did not know about. It is that kind of effort that makes us great, and it is time to give back to those that helped us become the biggest thing in pissing people off.

Jason Lee Jason Lee, photographed before he really blew up and was still going to skateboard events on occasion, is now the star of My Name is Earl and too many movies to count. He won two golden globe’s and was nominated for a slew of other awards. It’s safe to say Jason Lee isn’t a washed up pro.
Macho Man In other celebrity news Macho Man Randy Savage is not as cool as he was 20 years ago. He has a website that doesn’t work, a lot of really homo erotic pictures on google, and some of the best YouTube videos imaginable. In other news, I hear snapping into a Slim Jim could kill you
Danny Kass Danny Kass made two appearances in the promo section over the years, and it looks like he is doing fine as well. Besides being a two time olympian, hanging with Airblaster and Atmosphere model Andrea Holt, and revamping Grenade Danny spends his time doing whatever he wants with whoever he wants. He may not be Jason Lee, but he definitely won’t be working at Taco Bell when his career is over. He also probably gets his own SIA credential these days, and doesn’t have to borrow one from Kyle Clancy.
Danny Davis Scotty Lago Mason Aguirre

Danny Davis, Mason Aguirre, and Scotty Lago all have YoBeat appearances. We shot them when they were just up and comers trying to make it big or whatever, today those kids are the big shot pro-snowboarders. Lago is on Flow, Davis and Aguirre are on Burton, and they all have one thing in common, being a part of the Frends crew. You can check out the fun those guys are having at

Trevor Andrew If you really scan through the promo section you’ll find Trevor Andrew’s picture in the mix. Trevor a.k.a Trouble has changed a lot since YoBeat used his fame. These days Trouble is a full blown musical messiah and has released “Trouble Andrew” his debut C.D. containing nine tracks of musical madness. You can get a copy on his myspace page, Trouble is touring this fall so you better make it to a show.
Laura Hadar Everyone’s favorite bad girl Laura Hadar has shook things up a bit since her soul was stolen by YoBeat as well. Laura has since become a force in the female snowboard scene, but more importantly she has opened her own store titled “Fice” in Salt Lake City. Corey Smith had an art show there to open things with a bang, and as if that wasn’t enough Laura got Dirty Life tattooed across her arms last year.
Jereme Rogers Greg Lutzka

Everyone knows that skateboarding will always be cooler than snowboarding, and YoBeat is no dummy so we have of course been making skaters hold up our signs for years. Two of these skaters have even made it on the world of television. Jereme Rogers, who became the 2005 rookie of the year, and Greg Lutzka, you can now pick up his shoe “The Culprit” by Globe, were both featured on Ryan Sheckler’s cry baby show this year.

Bob Burnquist Bob Burnquist has been Bob Burnquist for years. YoBeat was nice enough to let him pose for our cameras, but Bob pretty much did us the favor. Burnquist continues to travel the world all year to skate contests and do pretty much whatever he wants. He won X-games big air this year, and has started a band with good bud Danny Way. Burnquist is still the official Portuguese translator for YoBeat.
Billy Rohan In more underground news Billy Rohan has the coolest blogspot on the internet, The blog is basically Billy’s travels and all the weirdness he encounters in his daily life, like kids with one nipple. If that isn’t enough Rohan for you, check out for the Epicaly Later’d Billy Rohan episode.
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